TV REVIEW: Hannibal – Season 1, Episode 2 ‘Amuse-Bouche’

Hannibal-Cast-Promotional-Photos-hannibal-tv-series-33869744-600-449After a brilliant first episode last week, can Hannibal continue to delight its audience with another quality episode or was it just a one-off fluke?

Set immediately after the events of last weeks episode, Will is having trouble coping after shooting dead Garrett Jacob Hobbs. Jack however wants him back out in the field asap so gets Lecter to do a psyche evaluation on him to clear him for duty.

The serial killer of the week this week is The Gardener, I won’t say what the M.O is as so as not to spoil the experience for the viewer – except to say that it’s certainly original. This week we are introduced to an unscrupulous investigative reporter Miss Fredricka ‘Freddie’ Lounds, who it seems will go to any lengths to find out the truth – even taping conversations between Will and Lecter.

After seeing the format of this show last week, I fell right into the episode really easily. This series really feels like I have been watching it for a while. It is well written, with well-rounded characters and a vein of dark humor running through it.

I really liked this episode again, especially how the story just follows on as one continuous story from last week, and I would imagine next week’s too. I think this helps the story flow well, allowing you get into the plot quickly and before you know it the episode is over. This week’s serial killer was very imaginative and I watch with interest to see how Will and Lector’s growing relationship is going to evolve and into what. Another great episode, please keep it up!

Rating: 4/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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