TV REVIEW: Hannibal Season 1, Episode 3 – “Potage”

Hannibal-Cast-Promotional-Photos-hannibal-tv-series-33869744-600-449Can the third installment of Hannibal keep up the pace of the previous episodes and keep us on the edge of our seats?




In this week’s episode, Abigail Hobbs finally wakes up. Jack is convinced that she was an accomplice to her father’s crimes (acting as bait), so he wants Will to speak to her. Dr. Boom, however, is not happy about this and volunteers to go instead.

Abigail goes back to her house and says her father killed the girls so he wouldn’t have to kill her, but it is obvious that she is hiding something. Whilst there, she bumps into a friend of hers (Marissa), who says that she knows Abigail didn’t have anything to do with the murders. While the two girls are talking in the back yard, Abigail is ambushed by Cassie’s (girl killed by the copycat killer) brother Nicholas, who shouts abuse at her until Marissa throws a stone at his head and he flees.

The next day Abigail then agrees to take the police, Will and Dr. Lecter back to the cabin. However, whilst there, they find Marissa impaled on the antlers upstairs dead – suspicion falls onto Nicholas. Abigail then goes back to her house distraught and is attacked by Nicholas, whom she stabs. Dr Lecter offers to help her by hiding the body. Lecter has done this as Abigail recognised that it was Lecter who called her father to warn him. They now have a secret over each other!

This week was a much slower episode, focusing more on Abigail and what may have really happened – even though we didn’t actually get any answers. Back to ‘serial killer of the week’ next week for me please, or at least let us know more.

Still enjoyable if a little slow.


Rating: 3.5/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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