TV REVIEW: Hustle Season 8 Episode 2

The team only have 6 hours to rescue Mickey from being killed by a ruthless art collector but how one earth did they get themselves into this mess. Spoilers ahead.

So what is the con?

Mickey reads that someone has stolen a Picasso painting and he decides to not the waste this opportunity by making a forgery of the stolen painting and sell it to someone as the real thing. The problems start here because the person they tried to sell it to was the original owner who is trying to get it back. The owner Petre Sava knows this was a fake and tells the gang they have 6 hours left to get back the original or Mickey will die.

Ash and co track down the team that stole the painting but find out it had already been sold to a fellow gangster Harry Holmes played by Martin Kemp. A daring plan is hatched to steal the painting from the new owner but during the heist the police arrive and the team discover that the painting is in fact a fake.

Back to square one the team track down the original thief’s who are in a hotel about to sell the painting to someone else. Working on the fly they go to steal the painting from the hotel room only to be stopped by Harry Holmes wanting to steal his painting back. Holmes lets the team go but once again the team are now back to square one with time running out for Mickey.

To their surprise the thief’s are waiting at Eddie’s bar for them to thank them for not grassing them up to Harry Holmes and that they can now rest easy as the real one painting was sold to a German buyer. Wait what? Yep the second painting was a fake as well.

Time is now up and Ash sets up a meeting with Petra and Harry to give them the painting which is a third fake but the others do not know this. Mickey is released and wonders why they did not just steal the original back?

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What was good about this one? The first scenes in this episode where we have Ash hanging upside down is a great hook and it immediately sets the scene that something has gone wrong with the con. This feels like a 24 style episode due to the time frame and it works really well.

Sheila Hancock does a marvellously funny turn as Dolly getting to have some great lines. Bill Bailey returns as Cyclops once again and always seems to be eating when he is on. The best one is Martin Kemp who is on fine evil form here while still looking cool. The production values look better than ever on this show and it really is a shame it is the last series. The camera works is always good using multiple techniques and this week London looks glorious.

The only thing I could not agree with was that on one hand they were really worried about Mickey being killed but they still have time to laugh and joke around. Overall this was one of my favourite episode in a long time and it kept me guessing right till the end.

GS Rating: 4/5

GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. cat /

    I thought this episode was a little lame with a gapping plot hole – micky usually researches his mark!

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