TV REVIEW: In the Flesh, Series 1, Episode 3

inthefleshThis is the final episode, will the series end with a blood bath, or shuffle into oblivion like an untreated PDS sufferer? After last week’s slower pace, I was hoping for a humdinger of an episode.

Kieren finally deals with the last murder he committed when he was untreated, going back to the supermarket where it occurred and talking to the girls parents. This, as well as finally talking properly to Jem, seems to finally help Kieren put this to bed.

Meanwhile Bill’s mental state deteriorates even further. Still in denial about Ric’s condition, furious that he stood up for Kieren last week plus not shooting the Rotters in the woods, Bill tells Ric that he needs to “deal with” Kieren. Even when PDS is painted on his garage (as required by law) he starts to spiral slowly out of control.

The final episode is again both moving and quite shocking, however not the exciting end that I was hoping for. Especially since tensions seem to have been gradually rising since the first episode. Don’t get me wrong, things do go wrong – just not the epic zombie versus humans blood bath I was looking forward to.

There were also some unanswered questions – the main one being about ‘The Undead Prophet’ who is mentioned in passing again a little more in this episode. I was left wondering “What was the point?” Unless they plan on doing another series and exploring this character further – but if not, then they could just as easily have left this part out.

All in all not bad but I was a little disappointed. I was expecting more zombies and less about family relations. In the Flesh seems more to be about the collapse and rebuilding of the family structure. One family are overjoyed when their son comes back, even if he is a PDS sufferer, where as the other seems to collapse in on itself. The original marketing certainly seemed to focus more on the ‘big bad zombie’ side.

I hope they do get a series 2, if nothing else to explore the idea a bit more – and maybe I’ll get my zombie versus human battle!

Rating: 3.5/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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  1. Rob J /

    If Shane Meadows or Ken Loach had rewritten the script of “Dawn Of
    The Dead”, and set it in an small rural town, this would be the result. Utterly magnificent.

  2. phlambler /

    Thought it was excellent. The zombie prophet could have been left out but overall it was superb and I loved the quiet, emotional ending to it. One of the best things from the BBC3 stable.

  3. Max blundell /

    Loved the fades and I loved this. Problem is that the BBC only ever seems to be able to dip a toe in the water before it changes its mind and pulls back. It needs to take chances with dramas that are a bit different more often! More of this stuff and much less reality tv please!

  4. maxine /

    who sang at the end of episode three?

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