TV REVIEW: Lost Girl, Season 2 Episode 11 – “Can’t See the Fe-Rest”

Slow yet satisfying murder mystery episode with a few too many red-herrings. Ensemble cast gets to shine but ultimately the episode suffers from too many narrative coincidences in order to work.

Previously on Lost Girl:

An underground Fae fighting ring have a new unbeatable champion, unfortunately he’s human. A woman called Mal recognises Bo, and contacts detective Hale to arrest Bo for murdering her brother. Hal’s older brother was the victim of Bo’s first succubus related fatality. With Hale’s help, Kenzi manages to convince Mal that her brother’s death was a botched crime hit and that Bo is now living under a witness protection scheme. Dyson reports the illegal fight ring to the Ash who appears unconcerned but later deals personally with the fight-coordinator. After dealing with the guilt of her first succubus kill, Bo confides in Trick about the warnings from the Nain Rouge.


Rich socialite humans are mysteriously dying, all seemingly crushed to death. As part of their police duties Hale and Dyson officially investigate but can see no clear connection between the victims. Bo and Kenzie are convinced to go undercover, and attend parties alongside the same social circle as the last victim. Ciara’s coaching and wardrobe advice help Bo and Kenzi infiltrate the closed world of the young rich crowd.

At the first party Kenzi is knocked unconscious as another murder takes place. Back at the Ash’s compound Lauren’s distress at the situation with her (still comatose) girlfriend Nadia is affecting her work. The Ash is unsympathetic, insisting that Lauren repeat her autopsy duties. At the police station Bo meets a woman who talks enigmatically about trees then vanishes.

Scheming socialite Lyta S – a Fae snake-shifting fashion accessory designer – is the prime suspect, but turns out not to be involved. Lyta is imprisoned by the Ash for making snake-skin items for sale to humans created from her own shed skin. Hale and Dyson interrogate Lyta, and discover that she brokers most of her deals with humans via a known Fae poacher / antiquities dealer. The same Fae poacher whom Trick throws out of his bar for trying to sell illegal wares.

The poacher reveals to trick that he needs to leave town in a hurry, offering a heavy discount on some items created from endangered wood sourced from Bali. The deaths are finally linked to a form of tree Sprite Fae. The poacher was trafficking items made from her home tree, and the inconsolable Sprite was killing in an attempt to restore her sense of self.

After a friendly heart to heart with Bo, Ciara confronts Dyson asking if he is capable of returning her love for him. Dyson promises to give Ciara as much of himself as he can, but neglects to mention his previous encounter with the Norn and that he is now apparently incapable of truly loving anyone.


This episode has some nice moments between Bo (Anna Silk) and Ciara (Lina Roessler). Ciara remains a sympathetic character despite being a new cast addition and an additional barrier to Dyson and Bo reconciling their romantic relationship. Bo’s expression when Ciara suggests that Bo and Dyson pretend to be a couple is an amusing moment. Ciara’s need for herself, Bo and Dyson to all be friends seems misplaced, but genuine.

Seeing Bo and Kenzi in sophisticated dress makes for a refreshing change and allows Kenzi to display yet more of her eye-catching wig collection. Kenzi’s constant magpie instincts make for amusement throughout the episode and as usual the actress Ksenia Solo gets most of the best lines. Kenzi’s chunky wrap-sheet with the local police is a nice way to fill in the characters back story and also explains some of her more flamboyant character quirks.

The scenes between Lauren and the Ash help expand his character. The Ash initially seemed like he was on an egotistic power trip, but this episode hints that he is a concerned leader trying to avoid more Fae deaths from an unseen and unknown enemy. His style of leadership is more brutal than the previous Ash (he does seem to love holding people in the compound’s dungeons) but there are hints he might have good motivations for his actions.

It’s interesting to see an in-universe investigation involving Fae habitat. If the Fae have existed at least as long as human history, then modern building techniques must be displacing some Fae. The introduction of the Fae poacher also enriches the world-scape, as it shows the Fae can be every bit as unscrupulous and greedy as their human counterparts.

Best Lines:

Hale: “Swag bags worth more than my car.”

Kenzie: “I’m gonna marry these parties is what I’m gonna do.”

Kenzi: “Dude did you Roofie me up’side a my head? That is a creepy way to cop a feel.”

Bo: “I am in the kitchen trying to pretend I am not dressed like succubus Barbie.”

The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Thursday night at 9pm, with repeats shown every Monday at 11.50pm.

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  1. Impressed with this large write up of one of the best fantasy/genre shows on TV right now. I know that is not one of the more serious, super sexy, aimed at teens shows, with no cast of young dashing heroes, vampires, werewolves or that kind of popular thing but personally I really love the way it presents some different wacky, kooky but still sexy and mysterious characters. The lighting, and casting are great, fairly good fx, and probably best of all some fantastic great witty dialogue and scripting, full of fun and lighthearted post-modern genre irony.
    Hope it continues on.

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