TV REVIEW: Lost Girl, Season 2 Episode 12 – “Masks”

A birthday party triggers a crush from Kenzi’s past to resurface and Bo gets a mysterious admirer.

Nicely paced episode which highlights how lonely Bo has become as everyone around her pairs up, and Lauren’s deepest wish is granted.


Kenzi plans a surprised birthday party for Bo, and aside from a maggoty cake everything seems to go well. During auditions for a party band, Kenzi reconnects with a crush from her past. Lauren is still being confined to dungeons at the Ash’s compound, and the new Ash (Lachlan) appears uninterested in Lauren’s rebellious attitude. Lachlan reveals that Nadia’s coma-curse was caused by the old Ash because he wanted Lauren’s help curing the Fae plague outbreak. Lachlan strikes a deal with Lauren, if she voluntarily returns to work then he can locate the dark Fae Shaman who holds the key the curing the curse on Nadia.

Lachlan asks for Bo’s help in lifting the curse from Nadia, but with a catch – the act must be completely selfless – so she can never tell Lauren she is responsible if the cure works. As the Shaman is dark Fae, the Ash needs Bo (as an unaligned Fae) to approach him. The curse can only be lifted by visiting the Shaman’s domain and removing a ‘cursing-nail’ from a sacred post.

Lachlan’s personal Fae travel agent is a chirpily quirky professional who has the power to ‘fold the earth’ – instant translocation of any item from anywhere on earth to anywhere else. Bo arrives at the Shaman’s hut just in time to be sent on another quest – helping the Shaman extend his life via procurement of a sacred healing mask.

Whilst auditioning bands to create ambience at Bo’s birthday party, Kenzi meets up with an old neighbourhood crush – Nate. Nate (Aaron Ashmore, previously Jinks on Warehouse 13, and Jimmy Olson on Smallville) is charming, a talented guitarist, and causes Kenzi to revert to girly bashfulness.

Meanwhile back at Trick’s tavern, Dyson confides to Trick that although he feels deeply for Ciara, he is still recovering from the Norn stealing his wolf essence. Bo arrives at the Tavern to get counsel from Trick on the best way to deal with the species of Fae known as ‘Preta’. Preta are creatures cursed by their own powers. Whatever insatiable urges any particular Preta posses they are doomed to never be capable of fulfilling them. The Preta who currently has the healing mask that the Shaman requires is a known thief of powerful Fae antiquities. Due to the fearsome reputation associated with all Preta, Dyson agrees to act as backup for Bo. Fae rules state that any negotiations with a Preta must involve a trade of something with emotional resonance. Trick reluctantly offers Bo a bracelet from his deceased wife as currency.

After a quick return trip to the Fae travel agent, Bo and Dyson arrive at the Preta’s lair. This particular Preta’s lust for treasure means that anything he touches turns into sand, sand which causes everything it touches to also disintegrate. They offer a trade and the Preta agrees but tries to double cross them by starting a whirlwind of deadly sand. Bo and Dyson escape, destroying a significant number of the Preta’s belongings in the process and also taking a small amount of the sand – secure in a piece of cloth immune to destruction.

After using the mask to heal the Shaman, Bo is given the power to remove Nadia’s curse-nail from the sacred post. This wakes Nadia out of her five year coma. Bo isn’t satisfied with lifting a single curse, and accuses the Shaman of playing God by cursing people at all. Destroying the Shaman’s stash of remaining curse-nails with the sand from the Peta, Bo leaves him wailing with grief. On returning to the Ash’s compound, Bo sees Lauren and Nadia in a loving embrace and silently leaves them to their reunion.

Bo arrives home to Kenzi’s birthday party surprise where she receives weapons as gifts from almost everyone except Kenzi. Lauren brings Nadia to the party but is none-the-wiser in Bo’s involvement in lifting the curse. An uninvited yet charming guest gives Bo some manacle jewellery with an inscription written in Fae runes. The next morning Kenzi presents Bo with an artist’s sketchbook filled with scenes from the party.

Lauren is so grateful to Lachlan for what she sees as Nadia’s spontaneous cure, that she renews and extends her pledge to him.


Lachlan’s (the new Ash’s) reveal that the old Ash was responsible for Nadia’s coma-curse seems ultra manipulative. With the Shaman information, Lachlan manages to skilfully play both Bo and Lauren. Kenzi’s party planning provide some nice moments of brevity in what is otherwise a fairly emotionally dark episode. The introduction of a possible romantic partner for Kenzi is long overdue, the scenes between her and her old neighbourhood crush Nate ring true.

The Fae travel agent is so far my favourite single shot character. The idea of a Fae jobs-worth who is so cheerfully blinkered is appealing and I hope she makes another appearance. Nadia waking up means that Lauren can hopefully stop looking tearful and tortured, but her re-dedication to the Ash may be an appreciative gesture too far.

Best Lines:

Kenzi “Once you get past the smell of embalming fluid he’s actually kinda fun.”

Bo “I don’t’ need credit for helping a friend. I only care about the results.”

Peggy (travel agent): “ ‘Safe’ is such a relative term, I mean there are the usual risks: headaches, swelling of the joints, severe nosebleeds, and in some *very* limited cases – death.

The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Thursday night at 9pm, with repeats shown every Monday at 11.50pm

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