TV REVIEW: Lost Girl, Season 2 Episode 13 – “Barometz.Trick. Pressure”

Bo finds herself reluctantly agreeing to be ‘The Chosen One’, and all the main cast inter-relationships are touched on. An uneven episode that ultimately propels the series arc forward, and also ends on a nice cliffhanger.


Bo lends Lauren her car so that she and Nadia can go on a road trip to reacquaint themselves with each other. Lauren tells Bo about recommitting her bond of service to the Ash, and Bo feels betrayed that Lachlan let Lauren believe he was solely responsible for Nadia’s awakening. Kenzi is swapping sweet nothings via SMS with Nate, and after a cute serenade from him finally decides that he is definitely boyfriend material. Nate asks her to go on tour with him, and sweetly sweeps Kenzi off her feet. Ciara and Dyson are preparing to move into together, and their relationship seems idyllic. Dyson assures Ciara he has one more errand to run for trick before he can finish packing.

Trick asks Bo to help him undergo a divination ceremony to try and gauge what sort of threat the Fae nation might possibly be facing. The ceremony requires a blood trance and a sacred ring, a ring which Bo must locate. Without the ring, Trick risks bleeding to death during the ceremonial visions. Trick had already arranged to have the ring stolen from a local museum by a shape-shifter named Teague, but Teague now wants to up his price. Bo finds Teague and secures the ring, but only after seeing his shape-shifting techniques literally with her own eyes. While Bo is dealing with Teague, Dyson and Hale accompany Trick to visit the herbalist Wai-Lin to get the other ingredient for the ceremony, a hallucinogenic herb.

Wai-Lin’s Fae power is the ability to force the truth out of anyone, but in exchange for the hallucinogen Lin requests truthful answers freely given to four questions. During the questioning Lin reveals to Hale that Trick is the incognito Blood-King. Lin also forces Dyson to admit that he currently feels incapable of loving Ciara the way he knows she loves him.

Despite almost killing him, the ceremonial trance is successful causing Trick to experience a vision of his beloved dead wife. Trick expresses huge guilt and sorrow over her death, and realises that the evil currently stalking all Fae is a creature he thought long dead. A creature Trick used blood magic to banish – the Garuda. Via the vision, the Garuda offers Trick an exchange: un-write the laws written in his blood and he will resurrect Eefa, Trick’s dead wife. At the last minute, Trick realises the Garuda’s deception and rejects the offer. With fiery wings the Garuda warns Trick that he lives off the rage and hatred of the Fae. By stopping the last great Fae war, Trick caused all but one of them to starve. They went into hibernation but were awoken when Trick used his blood skills again to help Bo kill Saskia (Bo’s mother – Season 1 episode 13). Whilst trying to stop Trick from bleeding to death during his vision, both Hale and Dyson are knocked out. Either or both could be merely unconscious or dead.

Despite being expressly forbidden to do so by Trick, Bo goes to confront Lachlan at the compound, and stumbles on a trunk filled with what look like five identical decapitated Lachlan heads. After trading quips and sword parries Bo defeats Lachlan, but instead of beheading him agrees to become his champion in the fight against the oncoming darkness in the shape of the Garuda. Lachlan confides in Bo that he is the last of his kind – a Naga. The Naga were multi-headed Fae with a venemous bite that is the only known defence against the Garuda. The preserved heads in the trunk are Lachlan’s brothers, murdered to try and erase all sources of the venom.


Something is coming to attack the Fae, and the usual clique seem to be the only ones attempting to find out what and why. Why isn’t Lachlan sharing his own investigative info with Trick and co? Seeing Anna Silk take on a double of herself was interesting, but short too lived. The blossoming of Kenzi and Nate’s relationship is presented as a nice aside. After twenty-five episodes it’s refreshing to see a more a vulnerable and trusting facet to Kenzi’s character. This episode revealed more of Trick’s backstory, and helped flesh out his character. His clear conviction to do whatever it takes to protect the Fae as a whole, also appears to put him under heavy emotional strain. As Lachlan’s plans are finally revealed, hopefully this will lead to some co-operation between the usual suspects and the more powerful members of Fae society.

Best Lines:

Bo: “Nope. I’m gonna force feed Lachlan a buffet of right hand burritos and stiletto boot-tacos.”

The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Thursday night at 9pm, with repeats shown every Monday at 11.50pm .

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