TV REVIEW: Lost Girl, Season 2 Episode 14 – “Midnight Lamp”

A simple plan to catch a Djinn turns into a deadly race inside a labyrinth. Dyson comes to Bo’s rescue yet again, and Bo appears to have found a new friend-with-benefits.

Previously on Lost Girl:

During a dangerous blood ritual, Trick identified the evil behind the oncoming Fae Apocalypse – the ancient Fae enemy called the Garuda. Lachlan confided in Bo his grand scheme to defeat the Garuda, and asked her to be his willing champion. Lauren took Nadia on a post-coma road-trip, and Kenzi accepted an invitation from her new boyfriend Nate to go on tour with him.


Kenzi is on tour with Nate, leaving Bo to decide whether to accept Lachlan’s offer to be the Fae ‘champion’ against the Garuda. Being on tour means that Bo plays phone tag with her best friend throughout the entire episode.

Lachlan asks Bo to help him enslave a powerful dark Fae. An Afreet, a form of Djinn, called Sadie (played by Lauren Holly, previously Linda Lee from “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” and currently Director Shepard on NCIS). Lachlan believes Sadie has intel regarding the Garuda’s attack plans. As a Djinn can only be trapped in a specially created receptacle, Lachlan sends Bo to get one from Ryan Lambert – a Fae inventor and previously Bo’s mysterious birthday party guest.

Back at the bar, Trick, Dyson, and Hale have recovered fully from the blood ritual, and discuss what the ritual revealed about the Garuda. Dyson analyses his conflicted feelings about his inability to love Ciara and asks Trick for advice. Dyson decides to once again visit the Norn and get answers regarding his previous trade with her. Dyson’s visit with the Norn proves disappointing when she spitefully claims to have forever removed any capacity he has to love anyone.

Bo visits Ryan’s apartment which looks like Q’s workshop but for Fae inventions. Unfortunately most devices appear not to function reliably, as a test of a personal force field ends up with Bo punching Ryan in the stomach. Ryan explains that Djinn can be trapped in one of two ways 1) a variety of metaphorical lamps the shape of which depends on what their food of choice is, and 2) by leaving a mark such as a brand, bite, tattoo or scar somewhere on the Djinn’s skin. As Sadie is a film star she feeds on adoration, so Ryan gives Bo a music box to act as a Djinn ‘lamp’. Despite Ryan’s intensely flirty moves, Bo is unimpressed when he refers to her as Lachlan’s errand girl. Bo tracks down Sadie only to find Ryan already socialising with the Djinn. Ryan claims that he only followed Bo to give her the user guide to the Djinn lamp and also insists on continuing to flirt with Bo.

Whilst trying to ensnare Sadie, Bo and Ryan accidentally trap themselves in the lamp. Although Sadie’s primary Fae ability is deadly adoration (targets literally give themselves a heart attack in her presence), when trapped in the lamp she starts to hurl fireballs. Fortunately Bo’s birthday present from Ryan was a wonder-woman style bracelet that can deflect projectile weapons. Ryan admits that his Fae heritage is the Loki family (from the Norse mythology), which explains his embarrassing wealth. Ryan assures Bo that they aren’t actually trapped in the lamp with Sadie, as he always incorporates a fail-safe into everything he builds, he just doesn’t immediately recall what / where the failsafe for this lamp is.

While Bo calls Dyson to retrieve the lamp Sadie ambushes them, and pushes Ryan down the lift-shaft he had manifested as an escape route. Back at the bar, Dyson and Trick examine the broken music box / lamp. Trick states that unless the ability to play musical can be restored, Bo could be trapped in it forever. Hale pointedly reminds them that he is a Siren with perfect pitch. By whistling the tune Hale manages to communicate with Bo but not fully release her. Trick reminds Bo of the other way to control a Djinn and Bo gives Sadie a love-bite in order to gain temporary power over her. Ryan then reappears explaining that he had perfected his self-defence force field.

Bo takes Sadie to meet Lachlan and informs him that she will only be his champion under a condition of equal partnership. No enslaving Sadie – or anyone else – and no more ‘errands’. Bo delivers Lachlan’s payment to Ryan for his services and admits that she actually likes his company, leading to Ryan delivering a charming ‘lets be awesome friends with awesome benefits’ speech. Frenzied sexytimes take place, after which Ryan casually admits that he is dark Fae aligned.

Finding him still at the bar, Ciara confronts Dyson about his recent emotional distance. When Dyson confesses that the Norn took his ability to be in love, she leaves him expressing anger and betrayal.


Despite being an episode light on the-usual-suspects there was still emotional drama aplenty as well as a deliciously evil turn by Linda Lee as the vain-glorious Djinn Sadie.

Now that Lachlan is not just a tyrannical leader – he’s a tyrannical leader with a mission for good! – I had hoped that he would be less mysterious and regal and more co-operative with the-usual-suspects. Unfortunately asking Bo to be his champion doesn’t seem to have damped his demanding demeanour.

Ryan is irritating, charming, egotistic, reckless and a refreshingly amoral new character. I like the fact that his never-say-die attitude pays off, successfully wooing Bo before cheekily admitting his dark Fae alignment. Considering that Bo seems to like doin’ the do’ with him, perhaps Ryan will join the cast of usual suspects.

Mopey Dyson continues to be mopey but Kris Holden-Reid is so good at emotional torment it remains entertaining to watch, even if the Ciara / Dyson match appears to be doomed. The Norn is consistently spiteful and seems to revel in the pain that her agreement with Dyson is bringing the emotionally tortured wolf. I am beginning to wish someone gives the Norn a taste of her own medicine.

Best Lines:

Bo: “ Hey Kenz, I forgot that you were taking off today. I hope you and Nate are having fun living the Rock n’ Roll Dream. Anyway, I was just wondering, how many spoonful’s the coffee maker takes, and wether or not I should become Lachlan’s champion against this evil thing that’s coming our way.“

Sadie: “You dickheads stuck me in a lamp!”

Ryan: “ Not THE Loki, a Loki. There’s a whole family of us, and the whole God thing? That was just P.R. back in the day. Humans are very gullible.”

The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Thursday night at 9pm, with repeats shown every Monday at 11.50pm

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