TV REVIEW: Lost Girl, Season 2 Episode 15 – “Table for Fae”

Ryan unapologetically plays to his dark nature and Dyson is reacting badly to Ciara’s departure. Kenzi chooses to crush Nate’ s dreams in order to protect him, and in exchange ends up owing the Morrigan some unspecified future favour.

Previously on Lost Girl:

Bo had her first taste of ‘sexytimes’ with the dark Fae inventor Ryan. Bo also accepted Lachlan’s request to be the Fae Champion against the approaching evil – now known to be the ancient Fae adversary – the Garuda. Dyson confessed to Ciara that the Norn stole his ability to love anyone. Ciara did not take the news well. Lauren and Kenzi were both absent on respective trips out of town with their new (or newly awoken) love interests.


Kenzi and Nate return from touring to catch Bo and Ryan in full In Flagrante Delicto. Ryan casually introduces himself wearing underpants and not much else, causing Kenzi to amusingly flail embarrassingly. At the same time, across town a backpacker dies of old age, but his friend insists that he aged by decades overnight. Bo and Kenzi decide to have a double lunchtime date in order to get to know the new men in each others lives.

At the police precinct Dyson arrests the son of an wealthy man who is also friends with the Mayor. Despite Hale’s best efforts, Dyson is suspended pending an investigation. Hale tries to protect Dyson from himself and pleads with the Captain to reinstate Dyson. The Captain agrees but warns Hale that he is now fully responsible for Dyson’s conduct, and any more incidents will result in both detectives being fired. Hale investigates a strange new homicide case: an old man with the dental records of a twenty-two year old has died under mysterious circumstances. Hale can’t reconcile his own Fae knowledge with anything that hunts or kills by stealing youth so goes to Trick for info. Trick recognises a wound on the deceased as the mark of a Serket, but states that particular species of Fae are known for their healing and rejuvenation powers alongside a firm belief in the sanctity of life. Trick asks Bo to investigate instead of Hale in case the Serket behaviour is tied in with the resurgence of the Garuda.

Kenzi frets that the restaurant Nate has booked for their double date is extremely expensive and notoriously exclusive, but Bo assures her that Nate is paying for the evening. Kenzi and Bo visit the hostel where the dead backpacker – named Cole – was found and interview one of his friends. Their interview reveals that there have been other recent disappearances from the same hostel. At the double date Ryan pre-orders food for everyone, and during conversation acts surprised that Nate consistently performs for such little money. After being ambushed with tripe guts (the lower digestive tract of a mammal) as the entree, Kenzi looses her composure and calls out Ryan on his pretentious behaviour. Bo receives a call mid-meal that Cole’s travelling girlfriend (the last person to see him youthful and alive) is back in town, and staying at the hostel which is the source of all the other disappearances. Ryan insists that Nate and Kenzi stay and enjoy a meal on his dime, and also that he has arranged a meeting for Nate with a talent agent friend of his. After talking to Cole’s girlfriend, Bo discovers that the backpackers who disappeared all previously visited a clinic that offers cash to travellers in exchange for medical tests. Posing as a couple Ryan and Bo enquire about the special ‘anti-ageing’ treatments on offer, but are dissuaded from investigating further by the receptionist as soon as they ask about medical testing.

Back at the restaurant, the talent agent arrives and Kenzi is horrified to see it is the head of the dark Fae – the Morrigan. The Morrigan (previously seen in Season 2 Episode 6) is a renowned Sídhe who acts as a muse to artists and musicians. Although inspirational, exposure to Sídhe always leaves artists insane and / or dead. Nate falls under the Morrigan’s spell and agrees to attend an audition. Kenzi – having previously dealt with the Morrigan – secretly asks the Morrigan to refuse Nate as a client. The Morrigan accepts but warns Kenzi that she is now owed a non-specified boon in the future. When the audition doesn’t happen Nate is dejected, sure that his lack of talent caused the Morrigan to lose interest.

After sneaking into the clinic Bo is ambushed by one of the pair of Serket and taken prisoner. The dominant Serket sister (played by Genelle Williams who is known to Warehouse 13 fans as Leena) is coercing her more timid sibling to steal people’s youth. After draining years from Bo’s life the bossier Serket is forced to release Bo by Ryan. Bo and Ryan briefly argue over the ethics of dark Fae feeding habits, and this causes the timid Serket sister to rebel, restoring Bo’s youth.

Kenzi brings Bo up to speed on the Morrigan / Ryan situation leading Bo to admit that Ryan is dark Fae. Bo decides to cut all ties with Ryan because his dark Fae alignment means he is often amoral and callous. Despite visiting him to break things off, Bo is smooth talked into a steamy threesome instead.


The Morrigan is undoubtably evil, but she is also very good at it. Emmanuelle Vaugier (the Morrigan actor) manages to infuse her character with a nice veneer of “This is boring – oh look at the shiny!” Unless she’s being adored or causing pain, the Morrigan simply isn’t interested in anything or anyone. Dyson’s emotional tale spin is having a marked effect on his work. Ciara’s departure has left Dyson arrogant and angry with no outlet. Being angst-y in love is one thing, but being angst-y and letting all his responsibilities slide is quite another. At this point Hale is being a much better friend than Dyson deserves, I just hope Hale doesn’t come to regret it. It’s a mark of the quality writing on this show that it took until well into season two for ‘stealing youth’ to be explored as a Fae feeding method. The topic may have been explored in almost every genre/fantasy show but it still manages to feel fresh here. It’s an old trope, but not easy to use without feeling cliched. Kenzi’s necessary secrets are causing cracks in her relationship with Nate, although he seemed lacking in belief in his talents way before the Morrigan showed up. Bo was unquestionably set up by Ryan to have to choose between her friendship with Kenzi and him. I suspect that Bo’s inability to say a firm ‘No’ to Ryan will probably bite her in the posterior at a later date.

Best Lines:

Kenzi: “What about you and Mr Orgasms-before-O.J.?”

Ryan: “Yes it will be great. Humans at lunch instead of humans *for* lunch.”

The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Thursday night at 9pm, with repeats shown every Monday at 11.50pm.

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