TV REVIEW: Lost Girl, Season 2 Episode 16 – “School’s Out”

Bo still can’t resist Ryan’s charms despite promising Kenzi that she would break off the relationship. Kenzi goes undercover at a high school, and human deaths are (again) the result of the Fae social caste system.

Previously on Lost Girl:

A disastrous dinner date led Kenzi to crush Nate’s rockstar dreams whilst secretly protecting him from the Morrigan. Bo failed to break up with Ryan, unable to resist his charms even though they come in an amoral unethical package. Dyson’s emotional angst over Ciara leaving started to effect his police work and almost got him fired until Hale intervened. Despite the Garuda threat still hanging over all of Fae-dom he/she/it was barely mentioned.


Bo is actively hiding her continuing relationship with Ryan from Kenzi. As she runs out of places in the townhouse to hide him, Bo questions how much longer she can stand the strain of keeping the ongoing relationship secret from her best friend.

Select students at the local high school are suddenly becoming smarter at an exponential rate – right before they suffer something similar to a cerebral stroke. Parents of those afflicted suspect drugs, leading Dyson to investigate. Dyson talks Bo into going undercover at the school as a substitute teacher. Bo convinces Kenzi that they also need a student viewpoint leading Kenzi to pose as a student. Nadia and Lauren return from their ‘honeymoon’ day trip and Lauren goes straight back to working for the Ash on the same High school case as Bo and Dyson. Bo’s preoccupation with Ryan is revealed when she accidentally writes his name instead of Romeo from Romeo & Juliet on the blackboard during her first class of the day. Dyson also goes undercover as the school guidance councillor and despairs about the state of today’s youth.

The investigating trio turn up nothing concrete about intelligence boosting drugs and visit Trick’s bar to try to find answers. Dyson admits that he can’t detect if there are any Fae attending the school because Fae abilities only kick in at the onset of puberty – which occurs at different ages for individual Fae. Trick explains that Fae regularly send their offspring to normal human school so they can learn to blend in. Lauren explains that the first student to collapse was definately infected by something Fae related, but she can’t identify what. Akvan (a particular type of dim-witted fae) are known to be attending the school, but they are traditionally harmless to humans.

To avoid another clash with the popular cliques, Kenzi befriends a quiet boy named Earl. Whilst playing chess in the Gym with Earl Kenzi witnesses another student meltdown – Kenzi surmises that the athletics teacher might be covertly doping the cheerleading students. Lauren confides to Bo that keeping her Fae work and her previous relationship with Bo from Nadia is stressful but cannot see a way out of it, and also that the post-coma Nadia is behaving atypically clingy and being over-affectionate. Bo confronts the coach only to discover she isn’t involved. An impromptu kiss from Earl causes Kenzi to suddenly understand advanced Euclidian geometry. With brain-boosted Kenzi’s help, Lauren synthesises an antidote for the smart virus, but needs to know what the source is before administering a cure. Earl – the chess playing shy guy – is an Akvan who is being unwittingly given a smart-boosting drug by his father. Kenzi and all the other Akvan’s are cured once the virus source is identified.

Bo tries in vain to resist Ryan but is swayed all over again when Ryan gives her her own private Prom – especially as she didn’t attend her own original high school dance.


Did everyone in this show bump their head? Did they all forget that a big Fae Apocalypse is on it’s way in Garuda shaped form? Similarly to early Buffy, Lost Girl feels like the balancing act between ‘weekly melodrama’ and ‘season over arcing big-bad’ is starting to waver. Yes, the small things matter but when something as massive as the Garuda has been made out to be is on it’s way, you would think that petty concerns would make way for the bigger threat.

Kenzi’s return to high school felt forced, even if it was amusing to watch and the Fae attitude towards the ‘lower-class’ Akvan makes me want to cheer in favour of the all consuming Garuda. Parents trying to give their children an academic advantage is a real world concern that is handled well, despite this episode feeling like a placeholder.

To sum up this episode, Bo consistently listens to her nether regions instead of her head regarding Ryan, Ryan continues to ooze charm (but really does seem to genuinely care for Bo), Kenzi discovered that so-called dorks are still high school underdogs, and the post-coma Nadia seems intent on distracting Lauren from her work.

Last week Dyson was all emotive McSnarl-Alot who didn’t give a damn about authority, and this week he is jumping at every summons from the Ash. Kenzi being the victim-on-a-countdown is also well done, but was done before in “Food For thought” (Season 1 episode 6). I hope that the Kenzi isn’t reduced to the victim-who-creates-urgency too often.

Best Lines:

Dyson: “I need you to go undercover …, In High School”

Bo: “Oh no I didn’t do so great with 16 year old girls when I was 16”

Dyson: “Me neither”

Bo: “Are you kidding? Those sad wolfy eyes huh? Chris Martin hair?”


Bo: “No I cannot do Jane Austen again!”

Dyson: “That’s what I said when I last left England.”


Bo: “Who do we know who speaks teenager?”

Kenzie: “Ho- la Byiatches!”


Kenzi: Speaking to mean cheerleader trio – “Well it’s nice to meet you Heather, Heather, and Heather.”

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