TV REVIEW: Lost Girl, Season 2 Episode 17 – “The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire”

Hale asks Kenzi for a favour which she might regret agreeing too, and Nadia continues to act weirdly possessive over Lauren. The ruling Fae families choose petty politicking over clan co-operation and possible survival from the encroaching threat of the Garuda.

Previously on Lost Girl:

A lower clan (Akvan) father secretly doped his son with intelligence enhancing drugs to try and overcome clan prejudice regards Akvans being ‘educationally challenged’. The Fae drug gave a short term brain boost, but also induced long term comas. Bo continued to feel guilty about seeing Ryan behind Kenzi’s back, but not guilty enough to break off the relationship with Ryan. Post-coma Nadia continues to act overly possessive around Lauren and takes an unhealthy (and stealthy) interest in the amulet that Lauren wears – a seal which marks her as being pledged to the Ash.


Nate takes it in his stride when he makes an impromptu breakfast visit only to find Kenzi and Bo practising their Garuda sword fighting moves. When the matriarch of a Fae ruling clan appears to spontaneously combust, Hale is called in to investigate. Hale’s father (head of clan Zamora) requests his removal from the case due to ancient clan tensions, leaving Dyson to investigate solo. Hale confides to Kenzi that Dyson’s recent rebellious attitude is wearing thin on their friendship.

Hale asks Kenzi to pose as his girlfriend for the Inviril Fae Ball, reminding her of all the favours she owes him. Kenzi agrees to attend the ball and to meet Hale’s family. On meeting Hale’s father (Sturgis) and his sister Val, Kenzi discovers that the family consider humans to be a step down from stray dogs, and that Val is a Pombero Fae who has the ability to steal voices. Both Sturgis and Val are unremittingly rude about Hale presenting a human as his girlfriend. Kenzi puts up with the insults for as long as possible but soon storms out. Nate confronts Kenzi about her ‘date’ with Hale and Kenzi’s attempts to tell him the whole truth degenerate into some amusing spinning of lies.

Lachlan asks Bo to take over the spontaneous combustion case along with Dyson. Being unaligned, Bo can address all the parties involved from a neutral position as the case involves three of the most prominent (and powerful) Fae clans: Zamora, Finarven, and Bukharin. Lachlan instructs Bo to cement the ruling clan’s allegiance to him as the reigning Ash, thereby making them his allies in the upcoming fight against the Garuda. Bo and Dyson’s investigation lead them to interview the head of the three clans attending the Inviril, starting with Sturgis. On meeting Dyson Val openly expresses an interest in carnal relations with him. This naturally upsets Hale as best friends and sisters shouldn’t mix.

Trick arranges a meeting for Bo and Dyson with Lord Dabner, head of clan Finarven. Before he can tell them anything he bursts into a ball of fire. Trick identifies this assassination style as belonging to a Cherufe. Cherufe are elemental Fae made of living magma who can cause spontaneous combustion via a single touch. Cherufe attacks normally involve entire villages, but this individual creature is targeting specific family Dons. Lauren and Nadia visit Bo with Cherufe intel, informing Bo that the eruption at Pompeii was really a Cherufe rampage. Bo catches Nadia snooping through a weapons case in her bedroom, but assures Nadia that she is no competition for Lauren’s affections. Lauren only has eyes for Nadia. Returning to the Zamora estate, Bo talks to Sturgis and discovers the ruling clan’s dirty secret. Years ago they all made a bargain with the Cherufe in exchange for a sacrifice of their first born female children every 100 years. The remaining clans reneged on their sacrificial promise and that is why the Cherufe is hunting down the family Dons.

Hale apologises to Kenzi, and she agrees she will attend the Inviril Ball as his faux girlfriend. Despite his family’s deep rooted prejudices, Hale needs Kenzi to accompany him to show that integrated existence between the Fae and humans is the only way forward for both species. Kenzi agrees as long as Hale explains to Nate that she is only attending the ball as a favour to a friend. Kenzi attends the ball in her own bombastic style, drawing the attention of all the guests. Val lures Dyson to a secluded part of the estate and tries to openly seduce him. Val admits to Dyson that she is attracted to his current amoral stance and offers him an uncomplicated and selfish encounter. Dyson falls for Val’s advances, and both are caught mid-affair by Hale.

Nate sneaks into the party and pours his heart out to Kenzi, who admits that she is only playing the part of Hale’s girlfriend for the event, and inadvertently tells him that she loves him. Val spies Kenzi kissing Nate, and believing that Kenzi is cheating on Hale, steals Kenzi’s voice. Kenzi goes to the kitchen for water thinking she just has a dry throat, and comes face to face with the flaming Cherufe. Bo rescues Kenzie via the aid of a handy tub of Liquid Nitrogen which kills the Cherufe. Bo and Hale warn everyone of the impending doom in Garuda form, but the Clan petty grievances prevent them combining to form any kind of alliance.

Meanwhile, back at Lauren’s apartment, Nadia deliberately cuts her palm open whilst in some sort of trance state. Nadia acts confused when describing to Lauren how she cut herself, but behind Lauren’s back Nadia appears to be scheming something.


The Garuda appears to be playing the long game pitting the Clans against each other, even though they seem to need little excuse for infighting. Hale (K.C Collins), gets to shine in this episode focussing on his family background and the character’s refusal to follow ‘proper conduct’ according to the bigoted and snobbish rules of higher Fae society. Hale’s insistence that the old ways need updating elevates him from sidekick status into a much more fully rounded character.

Nate is so cute, and yet so, so dim. Not asking why your girlfriend regularly attacks her room-mate playfully with sharp weapons is either endearing or points towards a history of dating dangerously unbalanced women. Nate’s request that Kenzi tell him the truth is reasonable and her innate inability to tell him the truth is funny, but points towards an eventual bad end for their relationship. I like Nate, but fear that Kenzi’s involvement with the Fae world might get him hurt, or worse yet, killed. Lauren continues to overlook the increasingly creepy and manipulative aspects of the post-coma Nadia. Either Lauren is overcompensating for the guilt of Nadia’s extended coma state, or Nadia was always edge-of-insane-creepy and Lauren had dubious taste in women. When Bo finds Nadia rifling through her possessions, she shows a remarkable amount of patience with Nadia.

The ruling clans consistently act like a clutch of pompous, bigoted (against human and Fae alike), archaic, arrogant, very rich, and deeply dysfunctional creatures. Dyson is turning into a Grade A asshole, and his lack of concern for his best-friend illustrates how much Ciara leaving has affected him. We previously saw Dyson put his life on the line to uphold the ideals of loyalty and friendship (Season 2 flashbacks Episode 8 “Death Didn’t Become Him”), now we see him acting with supreme arrogance and complete disregard for the consequences of his actions. Goading Hale to hit him smacks of deep self-loathing. Bo’s impatience with the trappings of Clan lineage are understandable and in character, but if she had just let the herald at the ball do his job, she might have gotten a major clue about her own mysterious Fae family past.

This episode managed to address the threat of the ‘Big Bad’ whilst also giving the viewer concrete character progression. Kenzi and Nate’s relationship was made deeper, Hale was fleshed out, the intricacies of the Fae world were unpacked a little more and Dyson graduated from emotive McSnarl-alot to Mr Self-loathing. The only lowlight of the episode were the Cherufe effects. A creature made of Magma was rendered convincingly enough for a small screen production, but the effects may age badly.

Best Lines:

Kenzi (listening to Hale complain about Dyson): “Okay, continue with your bro-bitchin”.

Bo: “Like the Mob but with Mermaids?

Hale: “You’re fun. Which is kinda why I invited you to this Cluster-Fae.”

The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Thursday night at 9pm, with repeats shown every Monday at 11.50pm

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