TV REVIEW: Lost Girl, Season 2 Episode 18 – “Fae-nted Love”

Bo’s inability to resist Ryan gets her into more trouble than she can manage alone.  Unexpected wedding bells and strange charismatic cults make for a surprisingly fun episode.

Previously on Lost Girl:

The Garuda is still coming, but the ruling Fae families refuse to co-operate against the oncoming threat. Kenzi and Nate are officially in love, and Hale stood up to his bigoted family. Dyson was literally caught with his pants down partying with Hale’s sister, causing Hale to revoke all friendship ties with Dyson.


Needing an urgent healing booty call, Bo calls the ever reliable Ryan. Not through lack of trying but Bo cannot quit seeing her dark Fae lover. A cut on Bo’s hand and a scratch on Ryan’s back lead to some inadvertent mingling of blood. Post healing, Ryan is uncharacteristically affectionate towards Bo. Ryan’s usual love-em-and-leave-em approach has transformed into a need for cuddles and snuggles. After Bo firmly kicks him out, Ryan sends various lavish gifts of affection to Bo’s townhouse. Kenzi comes home and is amused that Bo seems to have gained a ‘mysterious admirer’ but Kenzi has her own man troubles. An old unrepeatable associate of Kenzi, named Tryst, has tracked her down and needs her ‘private eye’ help. Tryst is convinced that his grandma is the victim of a conman but granny’s confused mental state makes it hard to figure out who stole from her and why. Bo and Kenzi agree to help and soon track down the con man who is posing as a charismatic cult leader.

The cult leader is causing selective amnesia on his chosen followers, then fleecing them of all their valuables. Cult members are sprinkled with ‘holy water’ which causes amnesia and a childlike trust in whomsoever asserts authority over the amnesiac.  The cult leader is an Addonc – a dark Fae with the ability to cause partial or whole amnesia via exposure to spell infused water. When confronted, the Addonc splashes Bo with an undiluted cult water just before Kenzi knocks him unconscious. A confused and frightened Bo runs away from Kenzi, and crosses paths with a still besotted Ryan. Taking advantage of Bo’s confused state, Ryan proposes and whisks Bo off to Niagara Falls via his private helicopter for a quickie wedding.

Trick and Kenzi track down Bo and manage to stop the wedding ceremony before the rites are finished, and restore Bo’s memories. After the use of an unbinding spell, Ryan also regains his senses and agrees that his relationship with Bo should now be put to a definitive end.

The Ash summons Dyson to interrogate a dark Fae prisoner in the compound dungeons. High profile Fae are dying in what appear to be suicides. The Ash is sure that his prisoner is to blame for the deaths, but has no idea what method he used nor who the assassin might work for. The Prisoner is a Fae named Arcer who has the ability to sense and psychically manipulate a person’s inner doubts and fears, which then drives them to suicide.  Arcer tells Dyson many home truths about the wolf’s recent self-destructive behaviour, but Dyson’s inner rage at the breakup with Ciara protects him from thoughts of suicide. A troubled Dyson is last seen leaving town for who-knows-where on his motorcycle.


Kenzi  and Trick to the rescue! After last weeks politics heavy episode, this week was sheer silliness and high drama. The amnesiac Bo was delightful to watch.  Anna Silk managed to infuse the amnesiac Bo with a charming child-like feeling of naïvety, and she looked pretty stunning in that minimalist wedding dress. Interestingly Bo’s core values – hesitating to commit to Ryan because she is attracted to, well, everyone – still came through the amnesia spell. Even though he initially acts as if he’s under a spell, the unscrupulous lengths that Ryan goes to try and marry Bo show a much darker side to his character. It’s hard to tell how much of his scheming was due to being bound to Bo and how much was his own initiative.

Arcer spelling out Dyson’s  recent selfish behaviour was well written and the dark Fae’s line of reasoning was insidiously convincing.  I’m glad that Dyson didn’t fall for Arcer’s twisted reasoning. Let’s hope that  Dyson’s lone wolf road trip brings him back to town before the usual suspects have to face the Garuda.

Once again Trick goes above and beyond to save Bo.  Aside from being her friend and confidante, why does Trick often drop everything to save Bo? Trick is definitely holding back important information about Bo’s abilities, because he instantly knows how to unravel Bo’s romantic influence over Ryan. Once the ‘big bad’ has been dealt with Trick and Bo are overdue an informative heart-to-heart.

With only four episodes left in the current series, the ‘big bad’ of the Garuda has to show up soon. This is another episode that avoids the season arc, but still manages to entertain.

Best Lines:

Kenzi:     “There’s a guy dressed like a bellhop crying in our hallway.”

Trick:    “Bo isn’t herself, she’s not going to have her own wits or skills. She might not even know she’s a succubus.”
Kenzie:  “Uh-oh. If she gets hungry she could kill a whole N.B.A. team !”

Trick:    “Fae don’t believe in divorce. Not for the first one thousand years. What? Like it’s so wrong to expect people to give it a real shot?”

Kenzi:    “Total brainwashing. You thought it would be fun to get on a plane with Ry-Ry and marry his creepy self.”

The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Thursday night at 9pm, with repeats shown every Monday at 11.50pm 

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