TV REVIEW: Lost Girl – Season 2 Episode 20 – “Lachlan’s Gambit”

Finally, the big Garuda showdown. Fiiiiiiiiight! or Fizzle? Last week, Kenzi broke up with Nate, Trick and Lachlan formed an alliance. Dyson was still AWOL, and Bo was forced to kill the Nadia as she was possessed by the Garuda. All quite emotional.

Trick asks Bo to the bar to discuss recent unusual suicidal behaviour of animals in the wider world. Trick believes that animals can sense the return of the Garuda and are trying to escape the oncoming war. Bo barely has time to react to this news before Ciara casually returns stating her intention to fight the good fight alongside the usual suspects. Ciara’s timing is impeccable because just before she returned a gang of Berserker Fae wander into the bar, with the intention of delivering a Garuda sanctioned battering to the band of heroes. Although Hale suffers a light beating, the Berserkers learn in the most painful fashion that the usual suspects can hold their own in a fight. Whilst tending to Hale’s bruises, everyone is surprised when Dyson also returns from his Wolf walkabout. Due to the urgency of Garuda situation, everyone agrees to forgive Dyson his previous transgressions in order to focus on more pressing issues. Dyson reveals that during his walkabout the ultimate Wolf Spirit revealed to him that Dyson is the chosen Hero who will finally kill the Garuda.

Trick has a Mole Fae in his service scouting for the Garuda’s hideout. Turns out that the Mole as well as being an underground dwelling species, is also a literal ‘mole’ for the Garuda, passing along intelligence about everything the usual suspects are doing. On discovering the spy in their camp, Trick turns to torture to get information fast. Seeing this new ruthless side to Trick upsets Bo, but Trick points out that gathering intelligence during wartime is never pretty. Despite Bo’s squeamishness, torturing Mole does reveal the Garuda’s lair. After the Mole interrogation, some of Lachlan’s bodyguards arrive to request a parlay with Trick at the Ash’s compound. Seems that the truce between Trick and Lachlan formed last episode was short lived.

Bo visits Lauren and suffers flashbacks to Nadia’s death. Lauren is an emotional mess, but firmly insists that throwing herself into her work is what will help her cope. At the parley Lachlan’s desperate need to defeat the Garuda has taken a nasty twist. Lachlan insists that Trick use his Blood King capabilities to write new laws in his blood and defeat the Garuda, just as he did in the past. Trick refuses and as Lachlan tries to force him, Bo and Dyson arrive to bring Lachlan to his senses.

In final preparation for the battle, Ciara and Dyson reconcile, and Lauren shares some of her raw grief with Bo. The usual-suspects go into the Garuda’s lair backed up by Lachlan’s entire personal army. Due to the group’s unresolved emotional dynamics the Garuda easily manipulates then into infighting. Kenzi is the only one who resists the Garuda’s influence. Kenzi valiantly tries to knock out the Garuda and is flung across the room for her troubles. Bo rushes to shield Kenzi from a deathblow from the Garuda and instead places herself as the prime target. At the last instant, Ciara teleports herself in-front of Bo and Kenzi and winds up with a fatal wound from the Garuda’s flaming magical sword. Filled with rage-grief, Dyson chooses to take on all the remaining Beserkers giving the rest of the group the opportunity to escape. Dyson is overwhelmed by enemies, but his battered body is salvaged by the ever plucky Kenzi.

Back at the (now utterly unprotected compound) the Garuda corners Lachlan and after gloating decapitates the last known Naga. Unbeknownst to the Garuda Lachlan and Lauren extracted all of his Naga venom before the Garuda even arrived. Finally the usual-suspects have a plan that the Garuda doesn’t know about. The only flaw is that outside of the Naga, the venom is coagulating which might render it inert unless Lauren can find a way to stabilise it.


WOW. Ciara returns. Ciara dies. Dyson returns, and almost dies. Lachlan martyrs himself for the cause. The Garuda has the usual-suspects outmanned and out-planned. I am so glad that there are still two episodes left because at the end of this episode it looks like the Garuda is going to win.

Trick is normally so kind, underwhelming, and laid back that it’s easy to forget that not only is he hundreds of years old, but he also used to be a Fae King. A pushover he ‘aint. This is the first time this season that the Blood King’s fearsome reputation seems deserved. Talking of which, Trick’s identity as the Blood King has to be the worst kept secret ever.

The Garuda is, well after all the build up, a tad disappointing. His minions are idiotic brutes, or snivelling cowards, and his endless posturing seems like all so much … talk. Yes the usual suspects do enter his lair with practically no intel and no preparations, but the only casualty is Ciara who teleported herself right into the path of his sword. Before facing the Garuda for the first time, everyone seems to be preparing themselves to fail. The Ciara / Dyson and Lauren / Bo scenes were touching, but everyone seemed to be winding down to die, not preparing themselves to live. Also it would have been nice to see what Hale and Kenzi did the night before the big battle.

Lachlan repeatedly painted himself as a martyr to the cause, and when it came time to talk to talk, he was good on his word. Bravo to the writers for killing off another major character and having it truly mean something. The back-up plan seems flimsy, but at least its a proactive stance. Up until this point everyone seemed to be standing around waiting for the Garuda to individually pick them off. Whilst fighting a creature who literally dines on misery, mistrust and chaos, the usual-suspects have been providing no shortage of food.

I shall miss Ciara. Actor Lina Roessler gave Ciara a quiet grace, and made her seem like a rounded individual despite the character’s minimal screen time. Ciara was known as a Fairy Warrior and Roessler made that easy to believe.

So much happened this episode that some things felt rushed. First Bo is the ‘chosen one’ and then the Wolf Spirit tells Dyson he is the designated Hero. Prophecies haven’t previously played a huge part of the mythology of this show, and the entire sub-plot of Dyson’s spiritual quest feels a little last minute. Trick tells Hale that Bo’s safety is paramount so what does he know about her champion status that the rest of the group doesn’t?

The episode ends with a lot of unanswered questions. How bad were Dyson’s injuries? Can Lauren keep the remaining Naga venom viable? What happens to the Fae hierarchy now that the new Ash (the second in as many seasons) is dead. What did the Nain Rouge vision of Bo having to kill Trick really mean? Let’s hope that the final two episodes provide all the answers.

Best Lines:

Trick:  “But what’s more disturbing it this. Every single snake at the zoo has disappeared.
Bo:  “Maybe they’re on a plane?”

Hale: “ I hate to further break up the song circle fellas. But at this way-station it’s actually a three asswhoppin minimum.

Trick:  “Anyone who does not care to be involved should leave now” Cue all the patrons hastily fleeing bar.

Kenzi:  “I’M TOO CUTE TO DIE!”

The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Thursday night at 9pm, with repeats shown every Monday at 11.50pm.

Reviewer: Faintdreams 

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