TV REVIEW: Lost Girl – Season 2 Episode 21 – “Into The Dark”

Bo IS the chosen one, but is she strong enough to win the fight? Dark Fae everywhere choose to party till the Apocalypse, also Fae Viagra. Yes, seriously, Fae Viagra. Last week, The Garuda won, or at least thought he did. The usual suspects suffered two casualties and a major beating.

A wake is held for Ciara at Trick’s bar. At the wake Lauren and Dyson bond over the grief of both recently losing a lover. Bo confides in Trick her suspicions that he is her father. Trick admits that they are related, but not that closely, he is actually Bo’s Grandfather. Trick is Bo’s maternal Grandfather, meaning that Aoife / Saskia (the psychotic succubus from season one) was his daughter. Trick sadly admits to not knowing the identity of Bo’s father. Trick also explains that due to her Fae bloodline ties to him, her own blood gives her special abilities which are unique even amongst the Fae. Via blood exchange, Bo can ‘bind’ another person to her will. This binding process is what caused Ryan to kidnap and try to marry her during episode 15 of the current season. The downside to blood-bonding is that having adoring slaves can corrupt the one being adored.

As Bo and Trick catch up on family history, the Nain Rouge appears and attempts to give more cryptic warnings about the Garuda. Bo is fed up with the Nain Rogue’s opaque fortune-teller act, and demands straight answers to her questions. The Nain Rouge reveals that Dyson misinterpreted his vision question message from the Wolf Spirit, but that he will still play a pivotal role in the fight. The Nain Rouge finally advises that the usual-suspects need two things to beat the Garuda A) team cohesion and B) to go into battle with representatives from both the Light and Dark Fae.

Lachlan’s wake takes place at the Ash’s compound and is a much more sober affair than the one for Ciara, it also has all of the high-ranking Fae as guests. The Morrigan is in attendance and agrees to release Vex (first seen in Season 1 episode 8) to help with the fight against the Garuda, in exchange for Bo obtaining (i.e. stealing) an item from the Ash’s vault. When Bo last met Vex he and the Morrigan were “fast fiends” together, but now the Morrigan is keeping him in one of her dungeons. Bo enquires as to what turned their relationship sour. The Morrigan confesses that during the seduction of a new artist for her music label, Vex used his kinetic ability to turn people into human puppets to record an embarrassing (for her) YouTube video of the Morrigan. Bo secures contraband for the Morrigan but has no clue what the stolen case contains. On receiving the case the Morrigan agrees to hold up her end of the bargain and deliver Vex.

Dyson’s grief has turned in on himself, and it takes an intervention from Kenzi to snap him out of his self-pity party. Kenzi takes Dyson to the Norn to get his love back, but the Norn is her usual witchy and bitchy self, and flatly refuses any offer of trade for Dyson’s love. Kenzi revisits the Norn alone and introduces the smug witch’s sacred tree to some brutal chainsaw surgery. Terrified and outraged at the human attacking her, the Norn agrees to return Dyson’s ability to love. The Norn takes Kenzi to the storage room where she hoards items that people have bargained away. Unfortunately for Kenzi an unknown bottle falls off a high shelf splashing her. Kenzi seems to suffer no immediate ill effects, but the Norn takes great pleasure in the ‘accident’.

Once delivered to her townhouse, Vex informs Bo that he made the Morrigan throw him into one of her dungeons for his own protection. Vex recently betrayed a gang of Redcap Fae and was hiding from them. Redcaps are notoriously violent Fae who are easy to identify by the little cloth caps they wear. Caps which are red and constantly dripping from being soaked in the blood of any Redcap enemies. On cue the Redcaps turn up, knock out Bo and kidnap Vex.

Bo visits Lauren to get medical attention from being bashed on the head, and inadvertently gives Lauren an idea on how to stabilise the Naga venom taken from Lachlan before he died. Bo tracks down the Redcaps at their clubhouse, and they agree to hand over Vex in exchange for Bo stealing the mysterious suitcase she recently delivered to the Morrigan and giving it to them. Bo easily steals the case by pretending to seduce the Morrigan. Bo gives the suitcase to the Redcaps and is surprised to learn that it contains a Fae goose extract aka the ultimate in Fae Viagra. The Morrigan follows Bo to the Redcap hideout, and uses an unknown power to boil several Redcaps alive, regaining ownership of the case.

Bo takes Vex to Trick’s bar to introduce him to the gang. Bo believes that Vex can be instrumental in defeating the Garuda, if everyone learns to work as a team.

The night before the final battle with the Garuda, Trick is absorbed in referencing ancient texts and doesn’t notice a shadowy presence lurking in the corner …


Bo’s Fae heritage hasn’t been investigated much this season, despite being the narrative lynchpin of the first season, so the moment that Trick confesses to being Bo’s grandfather was well timed. Anna Silk conveys Bo’s rush of emotions on finding out her mentor is also family with subtle skill.

Dyson and Lauren are both still grieving, and it’s good to see consequences of key character deaths being addressed for more than a single episode.

The whole “let’s party while we can ‘cause tomorrow is the Apocalypse” does seem the norm for Dark Fae, but it also seems colossally short sighted. Creatures like the Morrigan can’t possibly have survived for as long as they have by having a ‘meh’ attitude to every power-shifting conflict. Bo seducing the Morrigan was a wonderful excuse to have two attractive actresses writing about in sexy lingerie. This is a good thing because for a show about a Succubus, the second half of this season has been light on the sexy action.

Facing berserkers to save Dyson last week appears to have brought out the ruthless side of Kenzi. Kenzi opened a full can of chainsaw wielding nastiness on the Norn and I can’t say I blame her. Splitting up with Nate and almost getting killed by the Garuda might be sending Kenzi into a very bad headspace. The Norn was definitely overdue a lesson in humility, but attacking an old woman with a chainsaw seems hardcore even if it is preparation for a war.

Vex is, well, as interesting a character as Vex is, the actor’s faux English accent is often grating. This might be because the actor playing him (Paul Amos) is originally from Wales. Whatever the reason, Vex’s mockney often drags down an otherwise great performance. As an unashamed hedonist Vex brings some pep to what might be an otherwise sombre fight.

This episode ends with some tantalising questions that might not be answered in the finale: What is Bo’s ultimate fight plan? Can Vex be trusted to be a team player? Will the Naga venom work against the Garuda? Now that Dyson has had his love/passion restored, he seems back to being Hero material. Might this mean a romantic reconciliation between Bo and her first Fae love? Could Dyson go back to being sexy Wolf-man instead of Angsty McSnaralot? Why didn’t Kenzi tell anyone about the incident at the Norn’s house? What shadowy presence was spying on Trick at the end of the episode? Could there be any more fatalities amongst the usual-suspects? If the Garuda is defeated will the Morrigan still want revenge on Bo? Plus the identity of Bo’s father is still a mystery.

Next week better be a doozy of an episode! The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Thursday night at 9pm, with repeats shown every Monday at 11.50pm

Best Lines:

Kenzi: “… I’m human remember? We drive S.U.Vs, and we dump raw sewage into pretty lakes, and we will burn this planet to the ground if it means just one more cheeseburger.”

Trick: “Bo hates tradition.”

Reviewer: Faintdreams

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