TV REVIEW: Lost Girl – Season 2 Episode 22 – “Flesh And Blood”

Finally, the big Garuda showdown. Will Bo’s plan work or is this the end for all Faekind? In last week’s episode, Vex the hedonist Underfae joined the usual-suspects. Bo faux seduced the Morrigan, gaining a powerful enemy in the process. Kenzi used a chainsaw to persuade the Norn to give Dyson back his ability to love.

Vex is still Bo’s reluctant houseguest and temporary member of the usual-suspects. Trick asks Bo to the bar for some last minute battle strategising. Trick warns Bo that her plan of attack will increase her succubus powers, but might also drive her crazy with power in the process. Trick gives Bo his final trump card – a vial of life essence which can heal all wounds and should protect her from becoming a psychotic version of herself. In a surprise attack at the bar, a Fae made of Shadow kidnaps Trick taking him to the Garuda’s new lair. Kenzi and Hale try to decipher Trick’s encrypted notes regarding the Garuda’s new base, and Vex behaves long enough to learn that Trick is also the Blood King.

Lauren has managed to successfully stabilise the Naga venom, but could only save a single dose.  Bo confides to Lauren that although she knows the upcoming battle is unavoidable, she isn’t confident she can keep all her friends safe. Bo tells the usual-suspects her plan, to bind everyone to her using her own blood. When the Heros last met with the Garuda, he manipulated their own group dynamics which led to Ciara’s death. Turning everyone into Bo’s adoring followers will not only increase her succubus powers but leave the Garuda powerless to split up the group. Just inc ase the Garuda manages to control Bo, Kenzi is armed with the unbending ritual. All of the usual-suspects are uneasy about the blood bond but they all reluctantly agree. Unnoticed by the rest of the group, Vex uses last second slight of hand to avoid being bonded.

At the Garuda’s lair, Trick is made to relive his time as the Blood King, specifically his behaviour just before the last Fae war when he used his Blood Magic to create the laws that stopped the war. Trick remembers his motivations and actions as noble, but the Garuda re-enactment shows him as vain and proud. Trick is ultimately led to believe that his own arrogance and hasty actions led directly to the death of his wife Isabeau. Isabeau was attempting to broker an alliance between the Dark and Light Fae but was killed by a traitor within the royal court.

Bo makes Kenzi promise that in the worst case scenario, she will do anything to destroy the blood bond between Bo and the rest of the group. Kenzi promises that she will keep her oath to Bo, even if it means having to kill her best friend. Lauren gives everyone (excluding Vex) an injection including some of Bo’s blood. Kenzi breaks Trick’s encryption and pinpoints the Garuda’s location – an abandoned asylum at the edge of the city. While strategising their plan of attack Val (Hale’s sister) arrives with extra weapons and insists on joining the group for the final fight.

On arrival at the asylum the usual-suspects find a maze of mostly empty corridors. Due to his cockiness, Vex suffers a broken arm and Kenzi suffers a substantial sword wound to the abdomen. Losing blood and rapidly going in to shock, Kenzi’s condition is stabilised when Hale uses his Siren abilities to cauterise her wound.

Confused by the Garuda’s lies, Trick almost willingly re-writes the Fae laws using his own blood. Fortunately Bo and Dyson arrive in time to talk poor Trick through the fog of guilt and grief created by the Garuda, and Trick regains his self control. The usual-suspects discover Vex’s double cross and Lauren doses him with Bo’s blood. The completion of the blood bond gives Bo the strength to fight on an equal footing with the Garuda. In a fit of frustration the Garuda takes possession of Trick’s body and attempts to rewrite the laws himself. Vex uses his psychokinesis to pause the Trick/Garuda just long enough for Bo to inject him with the Naga venom. This expels the Garuda from Trick’s body and kills the big bad forever. Unfortunately the Venom also kills Trick. Bo starts to have thoughts of all encompassing revenge until Kenzi advises her to “take her medicine”. Instead of drinking from the vial herself,  Bo uses the vial of life essence to revive Trick. Bo starts to turn into a Dark Succubus of burning rage, but Kenzi manages to break the blood bond and Bo reverts back to her normal self.

Battered but victorious, everyone goes back to the bar. Everyone is in a celebratory mood, with both Dyson and Lauren now giving Bo longing looks. Everyone’s injuries are healing except Kenzi has a strange pain in her arm, and an expanding discolouration where the  Norn’s unwanted “gift” splashed her.  Kenzi rushes out of the bar and Bo goes to follow her but catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror.  Despite the blood bond being broken Bo still has that distinct blue iris effect which shows that her Dark side might not totally be back under control …


That was a pretty splendid finale. Several narrative arcs were nicely finished, and tantalising new ones were skilfully introduced.

Vex betraying the group was inevitable, and true to his slithery nature.  I did have a small moment where my suspension-of-disbelief wavered, and that was when Hale used his Siren abilities to heal Kenzi. In truth, I don’t know enough about anatomy to know whether that was dramatic licence on the writer’s part or applicable medicine. Either way it was a teensy bit too convenient a save.  I didn’t know for sure if Kenzi would be okay (at the time of airing season 3 was not confirmed), so it was a moment of high drama, just not particularly high drama. This season has demonstrated all too clearly that being a recurring cast member does not protect a character from permanent death. I am very relieved that Kenzi will be in the new season, and if the episode ending is anything to go by, Kenzi will be a focal point for the usual-suspects at the start of season three.

Killing – then resurrecting – Trick was a move that savvy viewers should have spotted, after all being possessed by the Garuda is what led to Nadia’s demise. Even though I saw it coming, I still felt apprehension just before Trick came back to life.  Bo’s relatives don’t seem to last long, and it was only last episode that Trick was unveiled at Bo’s grandfather. It was entirely possible that helping defeat the Garuda was to be the characters swan-song, but fortunately the excellent Richard Howland who plays Trick will also be back for season three.

Bo’s season one love triangle has been resurrected now that Dyson has his passion back, and Lauren is single and free from responsibilities to the Ash.

The Garuda was definitively defeated and now it looks like the usual-suspects just have to deal with the mundane Fae concerns, as well as a potential evil and power hungry Bo and a possibly metamorphosing Kenzi … just another day in the Lost Girl Universe. I am really looking forward to season three due  in 2013!

Best Lines:

Kenzi:   “Dude was like the Fae Jerry Springer.”

Kenzi:   “I promise.”

Garuda:   “You’re no champion, you’re just a Girl too scared to pick a side.”

Vex:   [seeing how both Dyson and Lauren are giving Bo longing looks] “You’re gonna have a lot of fun with that.”

The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Thursday night at 9pm, with repeats shown every Monday at 11.50pm. Season two was 22 episodes in total.  Season three, consisting of 13 episodes, has been confirmed and will air first in the US at an (as yet) unspecified date in January 2013.

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