TV REVIEW: Lost Girl – Season 3 Episode 1 ‘Caged Fae’

Lost Girl LogoThe end of season two saw multiple character deaths, familial unveilings and at least three separate incidents of lost love or sacrificed true love, or sacrifices made *for* true love. Kenzie wore a dazzling array of wigs, and the Big Bad was vanquished but not without some major losses. In the season three opening episode, Bo goes undercover in a Fae penitentiary to discover if the wardens are abusing the inmates. 

Picking up two weeks after the Garuda was vanquished, the opening episode of the new season shows the status of the usual suspects. Dyson has been reinstated as a police detective, Vex is still squatting at the dilapidated townhouse with Kenzi and Bo. Lauren appears to be a freelance Fae doctor who now hides her human origins, Kenzi still hasn’t told anyone about being cursed by the Norn, Trick still runs the Dal pub, and Hale has been promoted to the position of (acting) Ash. Whew! Who knew so much could happen offscreen in such a little time.

The first few minutes of the episode definitely let Anna Silk let her inner demoness out in the shape of evil Bo. The reveal that Bo’s anarchist streak is all an act to enable undercover incarceration, is beautifully paced. Lost Girl has never been shy about it’s fan-service elements.  As an urban fantasy series with a strong sex-positive theme at it’s core, there has always been plenty of opportunities for equal opportunities voyeurism.

Even so, in this episode cleavage abounds and there are skimpy costumes a’plenty. All the prison inmates are shapely, and all make the suspiciously clingy prison jumpsuits + kitten heels look like leisurewear. The Wardens outfit is particularly fetish-like. Women-behind-bars is an old trope, and it’s given a nice twist in this episode.

All the conspiracy threads are pulled together nicely at the end of the episode, and the sub-plot of Hale being the acting Ash should bear fruit throughout the season.  Kenzie decked out in full prison floozie is pretty jaw-dropping, and Vex manages to be charmingly irritating now that a broken arm has robbed him of his Fae ‘mojo’. Not having any Fae powers doesn’t prevent Vex from relentlessly flirting with anything breathing, but it does mean that most characters can safely ignore his goading.

For a season opener this episode doesn’t hold back. If you missed season one and two, then as a new viewer you’ll probably be  a tad lost. As a seasoned fan I loved it. The depiction of the Amazons is unconventional but makes logical sense within the series mythology. Nothing about any of the Fae / Myths featured in Lost Girl has any veneer of Disney-fication.

Best Lines:

Trick:  “Hey me and the Flappers used to get guised on wobblypops.”

Vex:   “You actually work with these humans every day and you never even thought about eating one of them? Not even this fat one!”

The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Tuesday night at 10pm, (just after new episodes of Defiance) with repeats shown every Wednesday morning at the uncharitable hour of 2 AM, and again on Wednesdays at 9pm

Rating: 4.5/5
Reporter: Faintdreams

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