TV REVIEW: Misfits Series 3 Episode 7

*contains spoilers

When Seth finds a resurrection superpower he uses it to bring his dead ex-girlfriend Shannon back to life.

But it’s not long before he realises that the new power has unexpected consequences… when Shannon develops a taste for blood.

Seth is torn between his love for Kelly and the guilt he feels over Shannon’s death, as the gang battle an army of zombie cheerleaders.

This episode had me glued, from it’s spooky graveyard opening to it’s last chuckle inducing freeze-frame. In between there were laughs a-plenty, but lots of drama and character development too. The zombie plot was perfectly paced, slowly building up to the action-packed final act. It was great to see the misfits coming together and tooling up to fight a common enemy. Colour me nostalgic but it contained everything I love about the show in one neat little package. Of late, the episodes have contained these vital ingredients (humour, character development, crazy plot ideas, drama and tension), but not all within the same episode. I really hope they keep it up and that the finale gives us a satisfying conclusion to what has been, for me, an up and down season.

Thumbs Up

  • Rudy loves E.T, “I f*cking love that little c*$%” – we’d get along.
  •  Simon takes charge and tells it like it is (in his special leader voice). Time to bash some heads in before they end up “the sole survivors locked in a shopping centre. That’s what happens.”
  •  Simon watching the cheerleaders (pre-zombification).
  •  Simon and Alisha teasing Rudy about his fear of cheerleaders – can somebody please give this phobia a proper name and make it “official”. Thanks.
  •  Seth and kelly’s entire relationship this series could have been rushed but they’ve taken their time with it and whilst I would never call them one of my favourite TV couplings, I love that it always feels a little awkward, complicated and real.
  • Kelly and Curtis make up. Awwwwww.

Thumbs down

  • Iggy bites the dust, shame he didn’t use his powers…
  •  One banging tune and one slow-mo shot short of perfection. A girl can dream…

Best line

“Probation workers don’t count” (Alisha)


5/5 Misfits at it’s best.

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One comment

  1. PeanutbutterJellyGirl /

    Oh yeah, I loved this episode. It was like … FINALLY. This is the Misifts I love and have missed this series. Everyone has a part to play here and the balance was great, though they need to beef up Alisha and Curtis’ personalities some. Rudy and that sledge hammer had me laughing out loud like Misfits days of old. Once again FINALLY he’s got the lines he deserves. I’ve always loved Rudy, I think they’ve done a fine job with him, but there needed to be something more to balance out all of the death.

    Next week looks to be awesome. On one hand, I hope Simon gets Rudy power, and will send his confident self back in time. Then we’ll get socially awkward Simon back. But that is selfish because, I’d miss that pathetically sensitive Rudy a lot. Anyway, I haven’t been this excited for a new episode since the beginning of this series. Too bad it took until the end of this series to get it the magic back.

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