TV REVIEW: Misfits Series 3, Episode 3

Simon and Peter. Best Friends Forever?

Contains spoilers

Still trying to fulfil his destiny by becoming SuperHoodie, Simon saves Peter, a geeky comic-book nerd, from being mugged.

Peter is in awe of SuperHoodie – at last he’s found a real super-hero to idolise. Peter strikes up a friendship with Simon; a friendship that soon turns into obsession and threatens to destroy everything that Simon holds dear.

Finally, Simon discovers the true sacrifices that you must make to become a real super-hero.

This episode brings the focus back to Simon, his transition into SuperHoodie, and what consequences this will have on his and everyone else’s future. After the last two episodes, which were enjoyable but pretty SuperHoodie-lite, I was starting to miss him and the central mythology of the show.

I’ll admit despite the drawings I didn’t catch on to the little twist until Simon “terminated” his relationship with Alisha, though I did think something was up when he asked, “would you like to be my best friend?”. Having said that, it is also something I could have imagined old Simon saying and as he’s still transitioning into his future self it wasn’t beyond the realms of possibility. I thought it was nice to see Simon vulnerable again, in need of rescue (or at least an attempted one) by Alisha and the rest of the gang.

It was a pretty neat trick to have the very last act created by Peter’s final sketches. I wonder if Peter’s influence, and Simon’s stashing of his costume in a secret compartment (I want a secret compartment!) will actually prove to be a good thing rather than a bad thing. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Best bits

  • Simon is just so proud of getting his hand stamped on.
  • Peter’s drawings becoming reality – an oldie but a goodie.
  • Simon’s comic book hero stance as he announces to Alisha that he has to face his destiny alone.
  • Kelly hearts Seth (who used to be a regular drug dealer before the storm).
  • The fight scene in comic book sketches. In fact the use of these images throughout the episode was very well done and wish they could keep them. Though I guess it would be a bit too Heroes (and obviously wouldn’t make any sense).
  • Simon’s face when he realises he broke up with Alisha is heartbreaking, such a lovely performance
  • SuperHoodie Vs. SuperHoodie (but not really). I presume Peter drew his costume and didn’t purchase it somewhere local. If not, I want one, although it does look a bit like a fly with one eye.


  • Alisha doesn’t think to use her powers soon enough
  • Curtis is back to moaning again….I mean seriously he had about 3 lines, and not one of them was funny 😐

Best line

“I can’t die in the past if I’m alive in the present. I don’t know anything about this Terminator time-travel bullshit, but even I know that”  (Alisha) ….hmmmmmm.


4.5/5 Back on track.

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