TV REVIEW: Misfits Series 3, Episode 4

Plot  Summary (contains spoilers): The episode opens with an old man, Friedrich, writing a letter describing his childhood in wartime Germany, where he was the only member of his family to survive the Nazi regime. He details his plans to go back in time (using Curtis’ old power which he purchased from Seth) to kill Hitler. Unlike Curtis, who it’s got to be said was pretty dreadful at controlling his power, Friedrich easily goes back in time (and moves locales) and finds himself in Adolf Hitler’s office, which the man himself just so happens to be walking into. He tries, but fails to kill him, and ends up being stabbed himself in the process. Hitler discovers his smart phone, changing the course of history (which we see flash before Friedrich’s eyes) so that Germany win the war, invade Britain, and, of course, are now in charge of the community centre (which is now serving as a holding cell for people with powers).

The community centre and surrounding estate is now teeming with Nazis (think Dobermans and machine guns), who discover Seth trying to escape in the boot of a car (BMW). It transpires that the Nazis have been using Seth to take people’s  powers away and give them to others. Simon and Alisha are working for Seth, who’s in charge of this particular operation, though neither are too happy about it. We see some familiar faces, including Series 2’s Lily who has her power to freeze taken away, Series 1’s Gary and last week’s big-bad, Peter, who attempts to escape but is shot dead. The stakes then, are high (although not really because you never get the feeling any of our misfits are really in danger, even when one of them is shot in the head – always the problem with the rewinding time power).

Kelly visits Curtis at the pub, where they concoct a plan for Kelly (who delivers the inmate’s meals) to poison Seth, to prevent the Nazis from using the powers for ill (though I’m wondering how much more ill they could do at this point, considering they’ve been in power for 70+ years). Rudy’s flat is raided and he makes a swift exit from his window. He makes his way to the pub and discovers that Curtis is part of “the resistance”.

A Captain Smith visits the community centre and Seth gives him Lily’s power (which he, of course, then uses to murder Gary *sad face*). Meanwhile, Simon and Alisha share a sneaky and rather flirty cigarette-break on the roof.

Kelly brings Seth his bowl of poisoned food but finds he has attempted suicide by hanging. She helps him down, saving his life and later comes to bring him Jelly and ice-cream (which is very sweet, and very Kelly).

It is decided that Seth will be moved to a new location where he will be given more privileges, but their small convoy of cars is ambushed by Kelly, Curtis and the Rudys (donning Hitler masks reminiscent of Point Break’s Dead Presidents) and they take Seth with them, hiding him in the pub. Kelly and Seth share a tender moment, where he confesses his drug dealer past and Kelly confesses that she was going to poison him. Before long the pub is raided and Seth is found and taken into custody. Later, back in the cell, Friedrich wakes up (thanks to the Simon’s antibiotics) and explains to Seth what has happened, begging him to take his power and use it to put things right. Captain Smith discovers Friedrich’s letter. He orders Seth to put the power into Friedrich so that he can kill him (and it), but Seth refuses. Smith orders Simon to shoot Friedrich but he can’t bring himself to pull the trigger. Smith shoots Friedrich himself and orders Seth to put the power into Curtis. He pretends to do so, and Smith immediately shoots Curtis in the head.

Simon and Alisha comfort each other with a little kissing. They bump into Kelly who has come to the rescue, guns a-blazing (there’s quite a lot of blood in this episode, but it only seems fitting). They decide to help and come across Seth who fills them in on the expo. There’s a stand-off followed by a shoot-out in which Seth is shot. He kisses Kelly and gives her Friedrich’s power in the process.

And we’re back in Hitler’s office again. Kelly headbutts Hitler, snatches the smart phone, calls him a d*ck, and gives him a bit of a kicking before being snapped back to present day, as-things-were Britain.

Kelly, being the only one who remembers, explains to Seth what happened and he agrees to take her power and put it into his pet lizard. Of course she wants to go back to being a f*cking Rocket Scientist. Who wouldn’t?


I’ll admit, I wasn’t too keen on this episode whilst I was watching it. It was lacking in humour and there appeared to be lots of discrepancies. I also didn’t like the stand-alone nature of it (they’re never a favourite of mine). However, looking back I think it was actually a well made piece of television. I particularly liked the moments between Seth and Kelly and how their becoming closer bleeds into the “real” world.


  • A touching, poignant pre-credits sequence
  • Seeing old faces – Lily, Gary and Peter.
  • Kelly hearts Seth. Seth hearts Kelly. The trading of powers with a kiss was a sweet touch.
  • It is finally confirmed that Shaun is, was, and always will be a complete pr*ck. But it was great to see more of him.
  • And after hearing about it for so long we finally get to see Kelly headbutt Hitler! Lauren Socha pretty much steals the show throughout this episode.
  • Great Score, much darker than usual.


  • Slightly lacking in the laughs department
  • One could probably nit-pick and over-analyse this episode to death (in Nazi Britain, race is not an issue but sexual orientation is, for example) but seeing as we see little outside of the community centre, and have no idea what is going on in the rest of the UK, let alone the world, it’s probably pointless to do so.

Best line

“Just been fighting f*cking Nazis and kicking the sh*t out of Hitler?” (Kelly)


3.5/5  Ambitious, daring and dramatic, but light on laughs.

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