TV REVIEW: Misfits Series 3, Episode 5

Plot (Contains Spoilers)

Seth visits the community centre and is attacked by a suspicious Rudy. He explains that he is there to ask Kelly out for a drink. They decide to meet later at the “classy” bar on the estate. The group are sent to the local hospital to do some gardening. At the hospital a man (Dom) says his final goodbye to his girlfriend (Jen) who lies in a coma. When he exits her heart rate goes up, attracting the attention of Kelly who happens to be walking past. She touches Jen’s hand and the pair undergo a body-swap.

Rudy is told he must attend anger management sessions with behavioural therapist Claire. During the first session he has to  make a swift exit after being asked some very personal questions (about bed-wetting and the like). He splits in two and has one of many arguments with himself.  Emo-Rudy leaves and consoles Claire who he has found crying in her car outside.

Jen (in Kelly’s body) visits Dom and explains to him what has happened. Kelly fails to turn up at the community centre, along with Emo-Rudy who has gone missing.

Alisha finds Curtis fooling around with his own alter-ego in the cupboard (snooze-fest).

At the next therapy session, Claire hits on Rudy (mistaking him for his other self). The two Rudy’s find each other and argue about Claire. Rudy doesn’t want to be seen dating a 40-year-old who cries after performing sexual acts but Emo-Rudy thinks he’s in love with her. Rudy’s solution is to heartlessly dump her, which he does there and then.

Dom and Jen visit Jen’s body at the hospital, but on realising the full horror of the situation Dom decides he wants no part of it. On her walk home Seth tries to speak with Kelly and find out why she stood him up but she tells him to get lost. He seeks the help of the group and using Alisha’s power they discover that Kelly is in fact in the hospital.

When they get there they are informed by a doctor that they will soon be turning off her life-support and so should say their goodbyes. After several unsuccessful attempts by Rudy to wake Kelly from her coma (via the power of screaming in her face), they decide to steal her body.

Meanwhile a lonesome Emo-Rudy comes across Jen  (thinking she’s Kelly) in the street and they go to get a drink at (you’ve guessed it) the estate pub. He receives a phone call (from himself) updating him on the situation and he tricks Jen into coming back to the community centre with him.

When she gets there they surround her. An unknowning Shaun gets in her way and she stabs him with a screwdriver. His wound is clearly life-threatening but as Shaun saw Kelly stab him they decide they can’t call an ambulance. Before he takes his last breath they reveal to him the secret they’ve been hiding. He passes away.

Meanwhile Seth, with an emotional plea, convinces Jen to go back into her own body and set Kelly free. She does so and Dom comes to say goodbye and turns off her life-support.

Later, on the roof, Kelly and Seth have their first real kiss.


After last week’s high-concept Misfits this was a much more grounded affair. Yet despite the somewhat downbeat body-swap plot, it contained much more humour than episode 3 and we got to spend a bit more time with the characters, particularly Rudy. It was good to see both of him out and about and interacting and I love the subtle difference in physicality between the two. Lauren’s Socha’s performance as Jen was adequate but I would have loved to have seen her do more with it and feel she perhaps missed out on an opportunity to show her capabilities as a versatile actress. I’ve really warmed to Seth and think he’s a great addition to “the gang”, and I have enjoyed the slow coming together of him and Kelly. Shaun’s death was genuinely moving and shocking considering his popularity with fans and I was sad to see him go.

Thumbs Up

  • In a surprisingly touching moment the misfits reveal their secret to a dying Seth.
  • Rudy’s impression of Kelly’s Croyden facelift.
  • Face/Off versus Freaky Friday, because Simon is still a geek and I love it.
  • I love love LOVE Emo-Rudy and want to see more of him.

Thumbs down

  • Curtis. What more is there to say? The only thing of note he did in this episode was play with himself in a cupboard. It’s just lazy and dull.

Rating 3/5 A solid episode, but I know that this show is capable of so much more.

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