TV REVIEW: Misfits Series 3 Episode 8

 *contains spoilers*

The gang are freaked out when a fake medium with a superpower brings familiar faces from their past back to life. They find themselves face-to-face with Tony and Sally, two probation workers that they had killed.

For better or for worse, if neither Antonia Thomas (already confirmed) nor Iwan Rheon return for the recently commissioned fourth Season of Misfits, this Series 3 finale marks the end of an era. That’s not me being pessimistic, it’s just a fact. Misfits may have life in it yet, but Misfits as we’ve known it will cease to be. As I write I’m struggling to recognise if the sense of mourning I feel is for the “end” of one of the best shows on television, or for the resolution of the tragic, romantic and heartbreaking Simon and Alisha time-loop arc. Either way, it’s going to be tough typing through the tears, Sniff sniff. And I may at some point need to come back and reassess once I’m over the shock.

I’ve been waiting for Simon to travel back in time all season and was expecting big things but not this. Howard Overman loves his season finale game-changers the shock exit of not just one but in all likelihood two lead characters is about as big as it gets. After last week’s zombie-fest, this was a much more somber affair, a tone matched by the show’s now signature cinematography and moody score which were used to great effect here. It was character-driven, and lead by a spot on performance from Iwan Rheon. As the ghosts of Misfits past haunt the community centre hoping to tie up their loose ends, so too is our hero forced to tie up loose ends of his own…excuse me whilst I pause to reach for the tissues, and apologies if my emotional outpouring makes you reach for your sick bucket. The stillness with which the group dealt with Alisha’s final moments, much like they did with Shaun’s, makes it all the more effective, no need for soaring music or frantic action.

If this is Iwan Rheon’s final appearance in Misfits it is most fitting. He’s been consistently good but here he gives a wonderful performance; at one moment, when propositioned by Sally you can see every conflicting thought and flicker of emotion on his face. Plus by now he’s got the superhoodie slow-mo swagger well and truly down.

Rudy says they’ll never see Simon again, but their goodbye is pretty muted for people who’ve been through so much together. Simon says he’s see them soon, presumably referring to their past selves and not some plan to find a way to save Alisha (twice?), dodge a bullet AND find a power to get back to his proper time line. In all honesty, if he comes back, it would be a bit of a cop out, and I’m 99% sure he won’t be. I think perhaps they should have made it just a tad more explicit and dare I say a little more emo. I had the feeling they hadn’t quite made their minds up yet and I think the episode suffers as a result. You can’t quite let yourself bask in the tragic finality of it all.

  • Tony running around the community and being repeatedly stuck in the face. I always did like Tony.
  • Could it BE any more romantic? Could it BE any more tragic?
  • Rudy dealing with his mixed emotions.
  • If this is the final episode featuring Alisha, Simon, Curtis and Kelly, I’m glad they ended on a high (a very low high).
  • Kelly’s topknot.


  • Now I’m depressed. Thanks Overman, thanks, yeah!
  • Biter-sweet departures. I’ve really warmed to Alisha over the past 2 Series and I will most definitely miss her. And what will I do without the talented eye-candy that is Iwan Rheon?

Sidebar: Alisha’s leaving was partly spoiled for me (never Google Misfits when looking for 4oD unless you’ve already SEEN it), as I knew one of the girls was a goner, at one point I thought Simon was going to accidentally shove her off of the roof top. Now THAT would have been awful.


5/5  Overall I’ve found this the most up and down of all 3 Seasons; A brilliant opener, the memorable (if only for it’s balls) Nazi episode, and whatever else was in between. But in the last two episodes everything has come together and Howard Overman et al. have more than delivered. What am earth am I going to do with myself now? Apart from cry, obviously.

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  1. Tbuc /

    Bang on! I’ve been empty all day. I don’t want this to be the last of Iwan Rheon on Misfits, but in a literary sense, they tied up everything nearly perfectly. I don’t see how they could work Simon back in unless he were to arrive in the present saying that he failed (though that would then change the present relationship with the Misfits). We moan about Americans screwing up our great shows and part of the problem is their need to affix Hollywood endings and relentless sequels… I think we have to be endlessly grateful that Overman gave us this horrific, cathartic and perfectly written ending. I am grieving the loss of Misfits as we knew it (as you said), and hopeful that the new bunch will create their own mythology. Long live Kelly and Seth.

    • Maybe this is because I am an American, but the whole Simon going back to the beginning like his future self did makes no sense. The only reason Simon went back in the first place was to save Alisha. What we are watching is the second timeline and can assume that in the first timeline Alisha is shot by the video game villain thus provoking Simon to become Superhoodie and find someway to travel back in time and save her. Mission accomplished and things continue and even the dual Simons is cleaned up very nicely by Superhoodie Simon dying by the video game villain’s gun.

      Now in series 3 episode 8, Alisha dies yet again thus provoking Simon (who has been training to be Superhoodie since he finds out about his future self) to go back in time once more to save her. Now this is where the Writers choose to break Simon’s character and make him do something that he would never do if he and this story were real.

      If this were a real situation, Simon would have gone back just far enough in time to save Alisha from having her throat slit. Thus ensuring her life to continue forward. This is logical and if anything Simon is the most logical of the bunch. The very fact that he goes all the way back like his future self did before goes against everything that the writers wrote the character to be. Hell, I would have even accepted him going back to the beginning and at least ensuring that his former self would know about the ghost and Alisha dying and have thwarted that some how, thus ensuring that there was only one Simon in any given timeline (allowing himself to die like his future self from the video game villain’s gun). Then they wouldn’t need to account for two of him in series 4.

      It is just sad that the writers choose irrationality/drama over their wonderful character development. Though, I should have seen this coming as it seems all of series 3 has basically been aimless with no real arc other than the time loop. There is so much the writers could have done and yet for some reason decided not too. And thus begins the downward spiral that most TV shows never recover from.

      Of course, us fans will watch whatever they come up with next out of loyalty and hey…who knows…maybe the will surprise us. One can only hope, but we should know from experience that they usual are cancelled soon after.

      As for the American version of Misfits that I hear is in the works, what are they even thinking? Half the stuff on this show they won’t do on network television and with out that stuff you will just have another crappy American knock-off. But hey, what ever the imbeciles in Broadcast television think will make them a quick buck in Ad revenue. God forbid we have shows that can stand on their own two feet.

  2. SpaceGandalf /

    And it’s been confirmed! Goodbye Simon… 🙁

  3. Save Me Barry /

    I think it was genius of Antonia and Iwan to leave when they did, although I will miss Simon and Alisha terribly. Simon was a dead man walking since S2 E3 – we all saw it happen. It was only a matter of time. It was fun for a while to almost believe that Alisha might have been right all along and Simon did not have to travel back in time, but alas… he was already dead. Now, re-watching season 2 is even sadder now that I know the future like Superhoodie does. Oh, the restraint!

    I agree that it was sad, tragic, romantic, and above all – epic. I don’t think I’ll watch series 4. Rudy, Curtis, Kelly, and Seth just don’t appeal to me like Simon and Alisha did. And, I might be alone here, but Lauren’s performance did not wow me this season like in seasons 1 & 2, I just wasn’t all that impressed. But mostly, I think I won’t be watching anymore cause my heart can’t take it.

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