TV REVIEW: The Musketeers, S1, Ep 2: Sleight of Hand

The second outing for the re-imagined tale of Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel The Musketeers finds young D’Artagnan going attempting to prove himself worthy of becoming a musketeer and of course, doing so lands himself and those around him, in hot water. After last week’s premiere, I wondered if this episode would be just as entertaining and it is filled with enough swords clashing, guns banging and innuendo to make everyone happy!

Jason Fleming plays the villain of the day, Vadim with charm. You know that he’s a tricky bastard, one that can even get a psuedo-musketeer to do exactly as he plans. When he’s not on-screen, the story tended to slow down a bit but in those moments, we got a little more of the budding relationship between D’Artagnan and Constance as well as the ill-advised flirtation between Aramis and Queen Anne. The consequences for both these dalliances remains to be seen but hopefully they’ll be interesting and not dropped somewhere along the way.

In a nod to the episode’s title, it’s not only the dialogue that has hidden meaning but also the visual effects. The chiaroscuro in the catacombs stood out – particularly in the fight between Vadim and D’Artagnan. The criminal meets a fitting end but you somehow feel bad about it, especially when King Louis is so incredibly wimpy.

The rest of the cast take a backseat in supporting roles but having Luke Pasqualino be the focus is a smart move as he has demonstrated that he’s leading man material. Hopefully he doesn’t become a liability later on when it comes to some of the more interesting revelations and betrayals. I’d like to see more of Porthos as we’ve seen some of what makes Aramis and Athos tick, but not him. Additionally, the Queen and Milady are both still a bit 2D and sadly somewhat boring but it’s early days yet, so time will tell.

Overall an enjoyable ride on Sunday nights and one that seems will only get better with each story. What did you all think of it?

Rating: 4/5

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