TV REVIEW: Nikita Season 2

Sexy super spy Nikita is back in the second season of the show. She still wants to take the shady espionage group Division down and set right all the wrongs she’s done during her time with them as one of the world’s most dangerous assassins.

The first half of the season really amps up the tension, with Alex and Nikita now working on opposite sides. Alex has promised her services to Division in exchange for information on her father’s killer Sergei Semak and her thirst for revenge drives her throughout the first half of the season, mirroring Nikita’s quest for vengeance against Percy and Division.

Despite losing Alex, Nikita isn’t alone as she has former mentor – and now lover – Michael and computer wizard Birkhoff on her team now, the latter adding some much-needed tech support and comedy relief.

While the first half of the season is more based around standalone episodes, setting up Alex and Nikita against one another without furthering character development or plot arc, the mid-season episode Clean Sweep alters the flow of the season dramatically. While the first half of season 2 doesn’t really note the actions of the previous series, this episode changes all that and hugely changes the pace of the storyline, switches character dynamics and hurdles along to an electrifying conclusion.

However, while the standalone episodes don’t contribute to the story development, there are some real highlights – especially Rogue in which Nikita is forced to face her dark past when she saves her old counsellor Carla. She was the one who took Nikita off the streets and got her clean. Maggie Q delivers some incredible acting in this episode as she confronts her demons and deals with a huge betrayal.

We get some interesting new characters  too with Carla, Cassandra Ovechkin, an old target and love interest of Michael’s and Sean Pierce, a new love interest for Alex who spends most of the series using one facial expression until later in the series when he decides to actually be useful. The body count in season two is high and there are plenty of excitingly choreographed fight scenes, gun battles and lots of EXPLOSIONS!

Extra features-wise we have two features. The first, What If? Writing the Fate of Division covers the process behind developing Nikita. The second featurette Living the Life: Maggie Q is a behind the scenes look at Maggie Q on the set and training up as Nikita…it’s dull, we fell asleep when she started talking about her juice diet. Then there are some commentaries on selected episodes and a short gag reel.

Overall, Nikita season 2 (eventually) showed great growth in terms of character development and relationship evolution, and worked as both a standalone series and a worthy extension of the popular first year, adding in new themes and improving the tone of the show.

We’re genuinely excited about the next season – set to start later this year – and will be watching intently to see if the combination of action, tiny outfits and mindless explosions can maintain the same high standards into a third season.

Rating: 3/5
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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