TV REVIEW: The Originals Episode 1.18 – “The Big Uneasy”

After a 3-week break, The Originals came back with a strong episode to kick off the last leg of the season.

Taking a page from its mother show, parties are starting to be bad news in The Big Easy. Except, as the episode title suggests, tensions are definitely high in the French Quarter. As a gesture of good will, Elijah puts on a celebration honoring the witches. Everything starts out alright – there are representatives from all factions present, but then Marcel makes his play and things quickly devolve from there.

Davina is still being shunned by her witchy friends, but she gets an important gift from Klaus that helps make up for it. Elijah takes his revenge on Marcel and Thierry, inadvertently uniting the other vampires against him. To make matters worse, he learns about Klaus’s alliance with the wolves and swears off helping him just as a new threat to the family emerges.

“The Big Uneasy” is a very accurate title for this week’s episode. I spent the entire time feeling – well, uneasy – waiting for something terrible to happen. Thankfully, the show didn’t let me down.

When are these people going to learn to stay away from parties?? An event that started out as a goodwill gesture turned into a blood bath as Marcel took the first step toward declaring war on the Originals. It’s been a while since Marcel has shown anything resembling a backbone, so I am torn between excitement that things are finally coming to a head and feeling like he’s an annoying upstart. To be fair to him, I will always side with the Originals, but I do love a good adversary – makes the inevitable defeat all the more satisfying. Here’s hoping Marcel finally measures up!

Klaus is rapidly finding himself running out of allies. He started out the episode with Genevieve on his side, but now all he’s got is the werewolves. It’s not been a good couple of episodes for him – all of his scheming is backfiring, and for once it seems like he’s a bit lost. I have faith, though, that he won’t be down and out for long. And at least now he’s got Hayley on his side!

I loved the twist at the end with the witches. I am not surprised that Genevieve was spared – she is too strong a character to waste that quickly. I haven’t decided yet if I like her, but I definitely want to see more of her.

Oh, Elijah. I am torn between being happy that he’s finally thinking of himself and despair that he’s given up on Klaus. His incessant quest to redeem his brother has been one of his defining qualities, so I’m not sure where they’re going to take him now. I don’t think he and Klaus will remain estranged for long, however – if there’s one thing that will unite them against all odds, it’s a threat to the baby.

Looking forward to seeing how everything is going to play out over the next few weeks – only 4 episodes left!


Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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