TV REVIEW: The Originals Season 1, Episode 2 – “House of the Rising Son”

OriginalsMoving to its new night, The Originals delivered a solid follow-up to the premiere episode with “House of the Rising Son.”

The family reunion continues as another Original arrives in New Orleans, bringing a whole lot of trouble with her.



Just when Klaus thinks he’s gotten rid of one annoying sibling, another shows up. Rebekah blazes a bloody trail into town, determined to figure out what happened to Elijah. It doesn’t take her long, but the truth winds up being worse than she could ever imagine.

The episode reveals more about Marcel’s past with the Originals, and how he grew to be so loved – and now hated. Hayley makes a dramatic decision that puts her on Marcel’s radar in the worst possible way, but she winds up getting help from an unexpected source. She and Rebekah wind up bonding and forming an unlikely alliance.

Determined to save Elijah, Rebekah meets the young witch Davina and discovers that maybe she’s not as untouchable as she thought – none of them are. Worried by this new turn of events, she confronts Klaus and challenges him to help her get Elijah back. Meanwhile, worried about all the original vampires overrunning his town, Marcel asks Davina to help him even the score.

A solid follow-up to the first episode, “House of the Rising Son” did a really good job setting up more of the back story that is the foundation for this feud that’s evolved between Klaus and Marcel.

The bond between these two ran so deep at one point that it’s easy to see where the anger and feelings of betrayal come from. And it’s not only Marcel and Klaus that have history – Marcel and Rebekah have got some as well. We all know that neither Klaus nor Rebekah have the best track records when it comes to controlling themselves when they think they’ve been betrayed. So far Marcel hasn’t proved to be much better – once things really kick off, it’s going to be explosive.

I am really enjoying Charles Michael Davis as Marcel. He’s got a menacing sort of charm about him that reminds you of Klaus, but he’s definitely put his own spin on it. You really have to hand it to the guy: he seems to have everything well in hand, though he might’ve made a mistake revealing his secret weapon to Rebekah. I can’t wait to see how this plays out, and what the siblings are going to about Davina as her role in this saga grows.

I learned to like Hayley a bit more in this episode. It felt as though she really made strides with both Klaus and Rebekah; enough so that you could almost see where Elijah was coming from when he declared her the most important person in the family. Not just because of the baby she’s carrying, but also because she could be the catalyst to bring them all together in the end.

If they all survive, that is…


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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