TV REVIEW: The Originals Season 1, Episode 3 – “Tangled Up in Blue”


The Originals shows no sign of slowing down, delivering another strong episode in its third week.

Klaus and Rebecca put their “Save Elijah” plan into motion, but can Klaus really be trusted to hold up his end of the deal? Find out after the cut.




Now that Klaus and Rebekah have decided to work together to get their brother back from Marcel, everything starts moving forward quite quickly. They try asking nicely for Elijah, but encounter resistance from Marcel’s inner circle; Thierry, who is Marcel’s right hand man, is relentlessly suspicious of the original vampires. Naturally, he’s the first to fall victim to Klaus’s machinations.

They have to work an uneasy truce with the witches, but an elaborate scheme to use Thierry’s relationship with a witch against him goes exactly to (Klaus’s) plan, and Marcel falls right into the palm of his hand. While Rebekah is unhappy with Klaus from deviating from the plan, Marcel agrees to hand Elijah over.

It doesn’t turn out being that simple, though – is it ever? – as there’s even stronger resistance from Davina, Marcel’s pet witch. She won’t allow Marcel to hand Elijah over until she’s figured out a way to kill the Originals.

Meanwhile, pregnant Hayley sits on the sideline for most of the episode, except that we find out the baby is probably a girl, and that the witch who helped her identify the sex also discovered something else about the baby. We don’t find out what it is, but it sure sounded ominous!

I really enjoyed this episode – it was classic, manipulative Klaus at his finest, and served as a reminder that when he sets his mind to it, there’s really very little Klaus can’t accomplish.

As much as I love Elijah, I’ve wound up glad that he’s temporarily out of the picture because it allows us to see more of Klaus and Rebekah. While their alliance is reluctant at best, and she eventually ends up hating him at the end for deviating from the plan, it was fun to see the two of them working together. I am not convinced that either of them dislikes the other as much as they say, and I really hope that their relationship evolves further as the season goes on.

I also enjoyed Rebekah’s turn as a badass. We’re so used to seeing her more sensitive side – the poor, lonely vampire girl who yearns to be human and have a family. No sign of her in this episode, though: Rebekah was straight up kicking ass and taking names as she and Klaus executed their plan. It serves as a strong reminder that while she may have that human side to her, she’s still one of the oldest vamps around and is not to be messed with.

For someone so seemingly in control of everything, Marcel was surprisingly easily to manipulate. Don’t get me wrong: Klaus’s plan was clever, and really went off without a hitch. Even so, given everything that’s already happened since he came to town, I would’ve expected him to remain a bit more cautious. But perhaps he doesn’t need to, since his pet witch it cautious enough for both of them.

Hayley didn’t have much to do this episode – I am not her biggest fan, but I do hope she doesn’t wind up being one of those throw-away characters that’s only used when it’s convenient for someone else’s story (think Matt from The Vampire Diaries). Hopefully this new knowledge she’s received about the baby will keep her busy. It was nice to see her and Klaus talk, though, and even nicer to see his reaction to her news about the baby’s sex.

Maybe there’s hope for him yet!


Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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