TV REVIEW: The Originals Season 1, Episode 4 – “Girl in New Orleans”

OriginalsThe plot definitely thickens this week, with Klaus gaining some leverage over both Davina and Marcel. Meanwhile, the witches’ plan to take Hayley out backfires.




I must say, I love this show more and more every week. It’s really beginning to show the character depth and development I’ve come to expect from these writers.

While Klaus is busy getting to know Cami better (and by getting to know, I do mean mind controlling), Davina begs Marcel to let her attend a fundraiser shindig under the ruse that she wants to get out. All is not as it seems, though, because it turns out that what she really wants is to reconnect with an old sweetheart from school. Marcel has no idea, but he instructs his (most inept ever) inner circle to keep a close eye on her. Which they promptly fail to do.

Via Cami, Klaus maneuvers Davina into meeting with Tim, allowing them to chat briefly before he takes over. His MO is simple – swear allegiance to me or I will kill your boyfriend. Davina puts on an impressive show of power, but Klaus gets what he wants in the end. He throws Tim (the sweetheart) over the balcony, and then uses his blood to heal him at Davina’s behest. Bad move, girl – you don’t wanna owe Klaus anything.

Based on some advice from the witches, Hayley goes to visit a maternity doctor out in the bayou. It turns out to be a trap, though, and a whole bunch of witches and warlocks show up to kill her. With some help from Rebekah, she almost escapes, but is taken down in the end. While Rebekah and Klaus fret over her whereabouts, she reappears, all her wounds healed. The trio discover that Klaus’s magic baby is powerful indeed, for his blood can heal all wounds. D’awww.

Dont’ think that because Elijah is hanging out in a coffin that he’s not doing anything. Oh no, he’s definitely got something planned, and he’s going to try and use Davina to get it.

I loved this episode for a few reasons, but I’ll focus on the biggies.

First of all, Klaus. KLAUS. I swear I do not have (much of) a bad boy complex, but I have loved his character since his early days on The Vampire Diaries. This episode felt like a “best of” Klaus episode in that we got to see multiple sides of this enigmatic hybrid. His ruthlessness in throwing Tim over the balcony proves that he will do anything to get what he wants, without second thought. But the way he acted with Hayley and with Cami proved that he can take that ruthlessness and put it to good use, protecting those that he cares about. And yes, I do think he cares about them both. He just forgets sometimes, is all.

I also really enjoyed Davina in this episode. Until now, she’s been this secret weapon hiding in Marcel’s attic. It’s been easy to forget that she’s just a kid. But tonight we got to see more of that: the young girl who fell in love with a boy at school and wanted to see him again. All of her witchy powers meant nothing in the face of her nerves at seeing Tim again. What young girl hasn’t felt that way at some point? It made her so much more relatable and gave her more depth than what we’ve seen so far. I hope that, going forward, she gives the Originals a run for their money. Though, to be honest, I would love to see her team up with them against Marcel.

Hayley definitely did some butt-kicking this week as well, both in the physical and emotional sense. She fought off her attackers, and she remains the glue that’s holding Klaus and Rebekah together. They’re both trying to honor Elijah’s wish to protect her, and in doing so, they almost look like a real family at times. I love seeing Klaus’s subtle reactions every time they find out something new about the baby. It’s like he’s dying to be proud, but thinks he’s way too cool for that sort of thing.

Four weeks in, and this show hasn’t disappointed me yet!


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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