TV REVIEW: The Originals Season 1, Episode 5 – “Sinners and Saints”

OriginalsThe ante is definitely upped this week as the Originals find out the real reason they were lured to New Orleans, along with the truth behind Davina’s power.



This week felt a bit like a filler episode, but it filled in a lot of the story gaps we’ve been working around so far.

After last week’s attack on Hayley, Klaus is understandably jumpy. He grabs Sophie Devereaux and demands and explanation for why witches attacked Hayley. Eventually, she begins to tell the story of the “harvest,” a ritual used to appease the witchy ancestors living in the earth.

The story of the Harvest ritual continues through Davina, who tells a newly-awakened Elijah how she came to be so powerful, and why she hates the witches so much. Turns out that she was tricked into being part of the Harvest, which required the death of 4 young witches. A temporary death, though – the 4 young witches would later be brought back to life during the “Reaping.” Sophie’s own niece was a victim of the ritual, along with 2 others before Marcel managed to stop it.

With the death of the other 3 witches, their power transferred to Davina, making her powerful. She allied with Marcel to destroy the witches, while the witches tried to figure out a way to draw Davina out so they could kill her and complete the Harvest. If they fail, the witches will lose their power. Cue luring the Originals back under the ruse that they need help stopping Marcel…and therefore Sophie.

Another player also emerged in the form of Father Kieran, the priest at the parish where Davina is being held. We find out that he was instrumental in helping Marcel stop the Harvest, and that Cami (our blonde bartender) is his niece.

As I mentioned earlier, this episode both answered a lot of questions and turned everything on its head. Until now, Marcel and Davina were very much the “bad guy,” and the witches were the poor, oppressed ones. Turns out that the witches might be the bad guys after all – it’s revealed at the end that Sophie Devereaux is determined to kill Davina in order to resurrect her niece, thereby honoring her dead sister.

It’s not often someone pulls one over on the OGs (as I like to call them in my head), but the witches really managed it here. Klaus was too wrapped up in his own agenda to realize he was being played, and Rebekah was too busy hating Klaus and looking for Elijah. Thankfully, Elijah managed to get the whole story within a matter of minutes after waking up. Boy, did I miss him!

The family theme continues to be important – the OG family is now reunited, eyes open, and stronger than ever. Family is the driver behind Sophie’s manipulation of Klaus. Davina’s family failed her in not preventing the Harvest from going forward. We find out that Cami’s twin brother, who we learned last week was studying to be a priest but killed all of his seminary mates, was hexed by the witches when Father Kieran objected to the Harvest. 34 very different stories, but it all comes down to family.

There were some more nice-ish moments between the OGs, especially his reunion with Rebekah. Hayley seemed happy to see him as well, even if she did let him have it for making a promise he couldn’t keep. I definitely got a bow-chicka-wow-wow vibe from the 2 of them, which would be interesting, considering she’s carrying Klaus’s hell spawn.

I can only imagine that things will get even crazier now that the Originals know what’s up – look for the dynamics to shift and alliances to change. Should be explosive!


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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