TV REVIEW: Outlander, S1, E7: The Wedding

Eeep! Those were the only “word” I could form after watching tonight’s highly-anticipated wedding episode. The marriage between James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser and Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp is beautiful and seeing both of them finally give in to the sexual tension and attraction they’ve been fighting was gratifying and tre tre sexy!

Diana Gabaldon was not lying when she said that Sam Heughan has “one fine ass” and that he brings “enough sex to drop anyone with functioning ovaries in their tracks.” Ha! Let’s just say if you watch this show with any parental units, this may be the one time you skip that tradition. I also will say “sorry, not sorry!” for all the comments I have over Sam Heughan’s gorgeous body. You have been warned.

Back to the episode though – what is Claire to do when she realizes that she has feelings for Jamie…and her 1940’s hubby, Frank? I figured that she should be pleased to have two gorgeous fellas in love with her but life, especially hers, isn’t all that simple.

Terry Dresbach, series Costume Designer and her team did such an incredible job with all the costumes but especially Claire’s wedding dress and undergarments (Holy cleavage, Batman!). Variety just did a great interview with her about the dress and it was actually woven with metal to give off an amazing glow in the candlelight. I can barely hem my pants, so thinking about 3,000+ hours making these garments by hand makes my head hurt. But hats off to the costume department – truly incredible job.


The opening episode music (by composer Bear McCreary) is a very of the Outlander theme but with added violins to lend the romantic, wedding vibe to the overall mood of the episode. I loved it! After the opening title credit, we see Claire and Frank walking hand in hand – pausing in front of a registrar’s office before dinner with his parents. They decide on a whim to get married – elope?! When Frank asks the famous question – we’re immediately thrown back to another wedding. Claire’s married! Again. But when you’re looking right into the baby blues of Jamie Fraser – I’d forget all about Frank (sorry Frank fans!) and Claire says just about the same thing. That previous life is like a broken strand of pearls scattering into dark corners, never to be seen again.

As Claire remincses, Jamie tentatively comes in pretty much tells her that no one is leaving the party until they get it on and make the marriage official. Deflated, they toast and Mr. Fraser is so sweet – he pays her all sorts of lovely compliments…that do absolutely nothing to calm her nerves. She gets Sassenach-Wasted (TM Mary and Blake of OutlanderCast) and he reassures her that he would never force himself on her. Her biggest question for him though is – why marry her? He had a choice – or so she thought.

Turns out that while Claire had pretty much no choice in deciding to get married – neither did Jamie. Dougal much makes it clear in no uncertain terms that if he doesn’t marry Claire, she’s going back to Randall and we all know what he did to Jamie’s back (ergh)! Back in the wedding suite, Jamie reassures his new bride that she has the protection of his body if necessary – Jamie. Body. Naked. – er sorry where were we?

The two are about to kiss again but before Jamie can plant one on her, Claire nervously interrupts and the two can’t help but chuckle at the attempt to draw things out. He tells her all about his family (his father – Brian, mother – Ellen, Aunt Jocasta…) and she feels more at ease around him – begins to enjoy his company. But right as she relaxes completely, Tweedledee and Tweedledubm (aka Angus and Rupert) barge in to check if they’ve consummated the marriage yet. They’re unceremoniously shoved out and Claire suggests they go to bed.

“Well…” Cue the sexy music! Well – not really but Jamie does begin to undress Claire – the scene is thrumming with anticipation, heavy pants and excitement that you could feel through the television – my leg was bouncing like mad! Turn about is fair play and she demands her turn as well. When he kisses her, she asks how he learned to do it so well – and as he says, he’s a virgin, not a monk! But as its his first time, he received advice that women don’t enjoy sex. Exsqueeze me? Wrong advice, Rupert!

He asks if she liked it – and at first, you think it’s because she hasn’t been satisfied but then find out that she did like it, and that’s what’s bothering her. Cue a proud, wee smirk from Jamie before he casts her a worried glance and before he can stop her – she tries to leave the room to get some food, the crowd below starts shouting lewd jokes before he has her go back to the room. Making the rounds, Dougal tells him to stay and not appear to eager. We’re back upstairs, where Jamie shares the story – I love the honesty he has with her; let’s hope that she’ll soon reciprocate in kind.

She continues to get Sassenach-Wasted and tries to stop herself from flinching away from Jamie’s touch. We have a new nickname too, “Mo nighean donn”, which means “My brown-haired lass.” Cue the “Awww’s!”

He then tells the story of how he came to be in possession of a Fraser tartan – it’s thanks to Murtagh! As his closest relative, Jamie wants the blessing of his family, and Murtagh delivers: “Your mother had the sweetest smile…Claire’s smile is just as sweet.” Cue the second round of “Awwww’s!” Who knew serious Murtagh was a closet romantic? We then find out that Jamie had 3 conditions for getting married:

  1. Get married properly – in a church before a priest
  2. Have a proper wedding ring made (from a key – “a key to what?”)
  3. Get Claire a wedding dress

And this is maybe the best part of the whole story! Ned has to go to a local whorehouse – but she can’t be wearing a dress from “a woman of loose morals” but there’s a unworn fancy dress from London, payment for services rendered at the house. When they ask for a shilling and see just how much money Mr. Gowan has – he is given “entertainment” while the dress is wrapped up. Entertainment indeed, you wiley old fox!

When asked how she spent her day, she holds up a whisky bottled. She was truly Sassenach-Wasted then! She didn’t remember every moment of the wedding but Jamie did. Get ready for some more sighs: “It was as if I stepped outside on a cloudy day and suddenly the sun came out.” Sigh! We only saw the kiss in the opening scene but now we get the whole ceremony and it’s gorgeous.

And then – the sex scene that fans around the world have been dying to see onscreen and it is HOT HOT HOT! Dear Lord, I had to fan myself and wish very very much that I was Claire. Ahem, where was I? This happened a lot while I was watching this episode for the 5th time. Yes, back to the review!

Wrung out and satisfied, Claire sneaks out for some food but before she can sneak back upstairs, she’s “caught” by Dougal – who makes a more overt pass at her. Stay away, you jerk! Rupert unknowingly saves her from further advances and gets a punch for his trouble. This probably isn’t the last we’ve seen of Dougal’s feelings for Claire.

When she gets back upstairs, Jamie is awake and gives her his mother’s pearls…but these don’t break apart like Claire’s earlier comments mentioned. And later, when she’s putting away her wedding dress, Frank’s wedding ring falls to the floor, scattering into a dark nook before she plucks it out. In a beautiful scene mimicking the opening, she stares at her hands with two wedding rings – what exactly has she gotten herself into?

What did you think? I was so incredibly happy with the way the episode turned out – you could feel the chemistry between Jamie and Claire leaping off the screen! Some things were changed from the book, but for the most part – it was all done seamlessly and I don’t think it will effect the rest of the story (too much anyway).

Next week is the mid-season finale where we see a bit more of Frank and his desperate search for his wife, while Claire is presented with a life-altering opportunity. Excited? Sad that we won’t get more Outlander until 2015? Both? Tell us in the comments!

If you haven’t been listening to Ron D. Moore’s behind-the-scenes podcasts, what are you waiting for? They give great insight into choices made while filming the episode and only serve to add enjoyment to the series. Check out the ones currently out below:

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Rating: 5/5
Author: Sharlene Mousfar

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  1. BKUSA Fan /

    Is the symbol in Claire’s hat in the 1940s the same as on the dress? and aren’t the two very similar in color, only different because of the color saturation being used ..

    • Sharlene Mousfar /

      Took a closer look at Claire’s hat here and it doesn’t seem to be the same as the acorn & leaf motif/pattern on her wedding dress. The colors are very similar in keeping with each time period. A great place to visit if you have specific questions on the costumes is actually Terry Dresbach’s website – she is the costume designer for the show:

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