TV REVIEW: Rick And Morty S3 E8 ‘Morty’s Mind Blowers’ (Contains Spoilers)

When the news hit that there would be no inter-dimensional cable episode this series reached my ears, I was pretty damn upset about it. Rixty Minutes is still my absolute favourite episode of Rick And Morty to date and Inter-dimensional Cable II isn’t particularly far behind. I was even more concerned upon seeing the trailer for Morty’s Mind Blowers before the episode aired; Morty has been through so many terrible ordeals that he has asked Rick to remove the memories of, what could possibly be so bad he’d go to those lengths to forget them?!

Of course, this can be added to the extensive pile of Things Stace Should Shut Up and Stop Panicking About Until She Sees Them, as this episode was great! Not quite Rixty Minutes great, but definitely on a par with Inter-dimensional Cable II. I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about the idea of Rick erasing Morty’s memories (especially the ones he is clearly removing without Morty’s consent), but it’s difficult to get stuck on that when the memories are so darn amusing!

The biggest difference between this episode and its comparable predecessors is that there’s no B plot; the entire episode revolves around the clip-show-that’s-not-a-clip-show, so these clips really have to knock it out of the park. Luckily, every single one is top notch; it’s taken repeated viewings for me to catch a lot of it (and I’m sure there’s a lot still to discover) but each one has remained just as funny as the first time I watched them.

As it doesn’t really have any bearing on the overall theme of the series so far (that of the psychological and emotional effects of familial breakdown) and is one of very few episodes that can be viewed as a standalone, it’s difficult to review in any other way than just by rating the sketches within as to which ones made me laugh the hardest. So, without further ado, here’s Stacey’s Top 5 Mind Blowers!:

Opening my list at Number 5, it’s the opening Mind Blower, ‘Moonspiracy’. I’m not sure what’s best about this skit; the way Mr Lunas looks, Principal Vagina’s mistaken assertion that “That dude likes ’em young” or the fact that a eulogy containing the words “Like how, from a certain angle, some people would say he looked like a smudge…” happened, but it’s the darkness and ambiguity around this segment that really makes it shine. It takes all the things we love about Rick and Morty and condenses it down into just a few minutes, and sets the tone for the rest of the episode perfectly.

At Number 4, I really wanted to include the post-credits sequence, but have been assured by my Husband that Jerry’s Mind Blower doesn’t count (poor Jerry). Therefore, I went with what I am affectionately calling ‘The Lightswitch Incident’. Quite why Rick has a lightswitch in their garage that controls the life support of a whole mess of people is something I doubt we’ll ever find out, but it makes for yet another dark yet hilarious moment as Rick talks through Morty’s mistake with the lightswitches. The ending joke of Morty flicking yet another switch was just the cherry on top.

Surprising absolutely no-one, Rick has obviously used this technology to erase memories of times when he’s done something idiotic or rubbish (losing to Morty at checkers, needlessly killing an adorable animal for warmth due to mistaking which planet they were on, skiing right into a tree), but my favourite of these takes the Number 3 spot; it’s Rick ‘Taking Things For Granite’. I laughed so hard at this, it’s so wonderful. Rick is constantly boasting about the place about how great he is, how he’s never wrong, how he knows everything, and yet here he is, flubbing a very well-known phrase. It’s such a normal human thing to do (intensive purposes, anyone?), and Morty’s reaction is a delight.

My Number 2 (titter) is a lot of other folks’ favourite; it’s Morty getting his Dr Doolittle on! The idea of squirrels being conspiratorial and behind a lot of political happenings is funny enough on it’s own, but it’s Dan Harmon’s voice-work that really makes this sketch so great. The sing-songy yet vaguely threatening way in which he calls out “Little boy, we’ll give you wishes if you can hear us!” is just perfect. It’s also great to see the things that shake the usually unshakeable Rick; stuff-on-a-cob and squirrels are apparently on that list!

And taking the Number 1 spot is a sketch that made me laugh just as much as ‘Two Brothers’ did the first time I saw Rixty Minutes (and I can tell you, I laughed a Hell of a lot at Two Brothers); ‘True Level’. As the kind of person who enjoys order in her workspace (my desk at work is Tetris-level ordered), the idea of a truly level surface is an intriguing one. Morty’s transitions from complete disinterest, to almost orgasmic joy, into believing the entire world is crooked is deftly performed by Roiland, and his cry of “LAMBS TO THE COSMIC SLAUGHTER” is the icing on an already highly hilarious cake.

Summer’s appearance at the end of the episode basically saving the day was nice too; she hasn’t had a particularly large amount to do since the season opener aside from huff enamel, and I really enjoy seeing her being a capable, useful addition to the Rick and Morty dynamic. And of course, the episode wouldn’t be quite right without at least a little cable snippet, and House Hunters was certainly a fun if throwaway sight gag. Overall, I enjoyed the heck out of this episode and will not doubt be adding it to the Rick and Morty Episodes To Watch After A Drunken Night Out And Everyone Else Is Asleep Already rotation. Fun times.

GS Rating: 4.8/5

Reviewer: Stacey Taylor (@StaceysParlour)

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