TV REVIEW: Spartacus: Vengeance Season 3, Episode 2 – A Place In This World

In Episode 2, Spartacus and Crixus lead the gladiators south in search of Naevia.  Along the way, they increase their numbers and come across a very promising young man.

Back in Capua, Glaber conspires (or attempts to conspire) with Seppius to find Spartacus.  Lucretia’s survival is heralded unanimously as a miracle, and she performs a sacrifice to the gods in order to cleanse the house.  When the answer to her prayers comes, delivered by a familiar face from Blood and Sand, one finally realizes that all is not as it seems.  Caution: Contains Spoilers.

Episode 2: A Place In This World

Determined to find and rescue Naevia, Crixus and Spartacus lead the drive south of Capua. They invade and take over a house, killing the master and freeing all of his slaves.  A young slave tries to kill Spartacus in retaliation, but Spartacus shows mercy.  We discover that the young man was the master’s body slave and upset over the loss of his status. Eventually, though, he warms to Spartacus and his way of thinking, and saves them all from attack when a group of soldiers come looking for the dominus.

The rebellion has had a profound effect on Doctore.  Considering himself a dog with no honor, he has taken to fighting underground, as Spartacus once did.  We learn that he was discovered there as a young boy by the elder Batiatus, who took him in and taught him everything.  His loyalty to the House of Batiatus ran deep, and he appears content to stay underground until he is found by Ashur.

Glaber’s attempts to buddy up with Seppius fail miserably when both their egos get in the way.  Meanwhile, Lucretia decides that she wants to perform a sacrifice so that the gods will bless the house and drive Spartacus out of hiding.  Ilithyia takes her to the market to get what she needs, where she is distracted by Seppia while Lucretia greets her adoring masses.  However, perhaps Ilithyia should’ve been paying more attention, because an unknown man slips Lucretia a note and then promptly disappears.  Later on, after the sacrifice has been performed, Ashur shows up at the house with Doctore, claiming that he will help Glaber defeat Spartacus.  Lucretia praises the gods for answering her prayers, but we see her carefully tucking the note away.

One of the great things about this show is its ability to be entirely gratuitous and yet complex at the same time. The only person who appears at all trustworthy and good is Spartacus – the rest are constantly scheming, and it’s impossible to keep up.

While many of the gladiators are mindless soldiers, a few are emerging as standouts. Agron, whose brother Duro was killed by the Romans in Blood and Sand, is endlessly entertaining with his one liners.  He is also unquestionably loyal to Spartacus.  This is a cause for concern, since the last gladiator Spartacus was close to wound up dead (alas, poor Varo, I knew him well). He appears to have taken an interest in Nesir, the former body slave – hoping to see a lot more of them as the season progresses.

Crixus has also been a surprise so far.  It’s always great when two characters have every reason to hate each other, but slowly wind up becoming friends.  That’s what appears to be happening with Crixus and Spartacus.  They are bonding over the pain of lost love – cheesy, I know, for death-dealing gladiators – but Spartacus had his wife taken from him by the Romans, and he is determined that Crixus will not suffer the same fate.

The villains are also quite enjoyable so far.  Glaber is amusingly incompetent when it comes to catching Spartacus, and Seppius is just smarmy enough in taunting him about it.  However, there is an air of menace about Glaber – while he might be frustrated now, there is no question that when he catches Spartacus, it will be very ugly.  And painful.  He’s also taken an interest in Lucretia, who is so much better at being devious than Ilithyia, who just comes across as a spoiled brat.  Should the two of them form an alliance, no one will be safe.

Another solid episode this week – good plot development interspersed with lots of blood and gore. Just how we like it.

Episode Rating: 4/5
GS Reporter: Mirjana

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  1. Nice review. I haven’t watched this episode yet, but by reading your article it seems that i had watched it already. At least i know already what to expect.

    • Mirjana /

      Believe me, there’s plenty going on that I didn’t mention =) It’s a very intricate show!

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