TV REVIEW: Spartacus: War of the Damned Episode 7 – “Mors Indecepta”

SpartacusWOtDOnly 4 episodes left…

While Spartacus and the rebels struggle through a terrible snowstorm, Crassus finds himself distracted by matters much closer to home.



Crassus reinstates Tiberius to his command while his army waits for word to move on Spartacus and the rebels. Tiberius then informs Kore that he will remain in Sinuessa to oversee it after Crassus returns to Rome, and that she will stay with him. She attempts to talk to Crassus about it, but he puts her off as he’s about to go confront Spartacus. Caesar does not take news of Tiberius’s command well, but is approached by Kore with an unexpected proposition. Caesar brings her to the encampment, where Crassus reiterates his desire to have her in Sinuessa. Distraught, Kore leaves. and we see her among the former slaves following Spartacus.

The rebels are having a difficult time, exposed on the cold, snowy ridge with very little food to go around. With the Roman army in sight, things are starting to feel pretty dire. Spartacus comes up with a daring plan – under the cloak of a heavy snow storm, he takes a group of his most skilled fighters into the Roman camp in an attempt to kill Crassus. When it’s revealed to be a trap, the group escapes, but not before Naevia is injured. This drives the still lingering wedge deeper between Spartacus and Crixus. Yet they somehow still manage to get things together, and they wind up turning the tables on Crassus and the Romans.

When it come to the arguments between Spartacus and Crixus, I generally tend to side with Spartacus. Crixus is too hot-headed, too emotional. Had they listened to his war cries, all of them would be dead a couple times over by now. But he’s not wrong when he says that Crassus keeps getting the jump on them; he’s certainly the most worthy foe they’ve faced yet. After a couple episode where it seemed like nothing went right for the rebels, it was good to finally see them get one up on the Romans. Even if I do kind of hate Mr. DeKnight for giving us this little glimmer of hope when we all know how it will end in in just 3 more episodes. *weeps*

I was genuinely surprised by Kore’s defection over the the rebels’ camp. Part of me thinks it’s some ruse, that she’s somehow going to attempt to help Crassus by trying to assassinate Spartacus. But it could also be that she felt driven to run when placed in a situation she just couldn’t live with. Between her approaching Caesar and her appearance at the encampment, I kept expecting her to try and kill Tiberius. So far, though, she’s proven herself a better person than that.

It wasn’t a great episode for Caesar – he found himself back under Tiberius’s command, and then he terribly misjudged the situation with Kore, directly leading to her escape. He’d been on a pretty good run up until now, and I fully expect him to return to form in the weeks to come.

Lastly, I am really enjoying the goings-on between Gannicus and Sybil. I can’t figure out if she’s really as naive and pure as she seems, or if she’s some genius mastermind who knows exactly how to manipulate him. Either way, I like seeing the kinder, gentler Gannicus every now and then. It’s almost as if he’s protecting Sybil to redeem himself from everything that happened with Oenomaus and his wife.

Three more episodes to go – while the rebels may have given themselves some breathing room for the moment, I suspect that’s not going to last for long.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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