TV REVIEW: Supernatural S7, Ep 10 & 11 – “Death’s Door” and “Adventure’s in Babysitting” Review

The boys are back for another double-header and we learn the fate of Bobby.  Will the grumpy one finally meet his fate at the end of Dick’s bullet or will everyone’s favourite surrogate father live to fight another day? Read on:

Episode 1o: “Deaths Door”

The episode opens, CSI style, with an exploration into Bobby’s wound – the bullet is in the brain, there was no miss, this is serious.

Bobby is in a coma as the doctors attempt to save his life, although the bullet in the brain means they have to pretty much wait and see what happens.  Sam and Dean remain helpless as they watch their old  friend, hunter and father figure fight for his life.  Bobby however is walking around, investigating the events of the last episode…except he isn’t really, he’s in his  own head and he has to figure a way out so he can tell the brothers what he learnt looking at Dick’s plans.

Bobby moves through his memories, but they are fading fast – victims of the damage to his brain.  He manages to find Rufus (Steven Williams) in one of his old memories, who reveals Bobby must go through his worst memory to escape.  However there is not just his past to go through but a Reaper to avoid.

Bobby manages to use some mojo to hold the Reaper of as he scrolls through his past.  We see a warm memory of him playing ball with Dean while that is contrasted with the argument he had with his wife before he had to kill her.  Bobby reveals his biggest regret is not resolving the fight with his wife rather than actually killing her.  A young boy follows Bobby with cryptic messages – the boy is revealed to be a young Bobby and his worst memory is that of his drunken abusive father and his mother blaming him for his fathers actions.  It was this incident that lead to Bobby not have children of his own.  However Bobby, a now a brave, experienced and tough old man, confronts his father and consols his younger self – who it turns out, killed his own father.

Bobby has his escape and recovers just before he is taken into surgery.  Scrabbling for a pen he eventually writes a series of numbers on the boy’s hand, speaks and closes his eyes – the heart monitor flat lines.  Bobby is back in his head, the Reaper has found him and says he must come with him or be stuck as his last memory is that of Sam and Dean getting ready to watch a Chuck Norris marathon.  Bobby is left with a choice – cross over or become what he hunts….

This was a Bobby episode and it works all the better for it.  Sam and Dean are not seen much but when they are it is key – helpless at the situation, in Bobby’s  mind having a friendly argument, Dean confronting Dick who shows up to see if Bobby has gone.  They perform solidly but the episode really is Jim Beaver’s.  His scenes int he flashback are amusing and poignant.  He has the best lines and revelation he didn’t have kid as to not end up like his father is moving and shocking.  While the boys are the centre of the show, Bobby has become an outstanding character and really compliments the brothers.  He holds his own and without him it will be an alien world I believe but then again this is Supernatural and you never know who can come back….

Best lines: “Balls”, “I’m not dying on no plaid carpet”, “Still stuck in eternal friggin sunshine”, “How am I supposed to know what I don’t want me to know”, “You’ve done enough”, “I adopted two boys, the grew up great, they grew up heros”, “Ijidgts”.

Episode 11: Adventures in Babysitting

We open at a truck stop as man looks on to a lady of the night outside.  He goes out to investigate and is clocked by the waitress.  He was a hunter; he was hunted and now he’s gone.

We join the boys as the sit in  silence.  A flash card comes up – “Week One”.  “Week Two” the boys are drinking and trying to figure out Bobby’s numbers.  “Week Three” – a wall covered in Dick…Dick Roman that is.  We finally get dialogue from them as it is revealed Bobby is indeed dead and they haven’t told any of his contacts.

The boys receive a phone call from a girl asking for Bobby to help her.  Dean is not interested, only after Dick Roman.  Sam however pursues the case and goes to investigate while Dean chases up Frank Devereaux as to what Bobby’s numbers mean.  A beer disappears.  Dean manages to get to Frank and after a tense stand-off they finally get on the case.  The numbers turn out to be co-ordinates to a field purchased by Dick Roman’s company.  Meanwhile Sam meets the girl who called Bobby. Her father is missing and it is clear he was a hunter.  Sam takes off to find the girl’s father, however he befalls the same fate and is captured by the creature – a Vetelaha.  It turns out it wasn’t just the waitress but the hooker as well – they hunt in pairs.

Dean finally gets Sam’s message and realising the mistake Sam made takes off after him.  He meets the girl and together they go to rescue Sam and the girl’s dad.  After locking the girl in the car, Dean goes in to the rescue but the girl follows and a stand-off ensues as the girl is captured.  However ts all a ruse by the girl, and she kills the beast while Sam gets free and takes out the second.  The girl and her father are safe and after an insightful speech by Dean – the dad and the girl retire from hunting.  The boys go ont heir way – tortured Dean putting on a smile as that’s what he has to do.

This was a so-so episode.  There is some amusing stuff with the girl and Dean as well as Dean and Frank.  However the while thing is too predictable – the two woman monster tag team and the girl faking the capture.  You can see the beats coming a mile away.  Also the whole “babysitting” doesn’t occur until half way through the episode at the earliest.  Mixing the emotional opening of the loss of Bobby with the jokey, light-hearted Dean and kid stuff just doesn’t gel that well I think.  It could be done but I just didn’t feel it this episode.

Best lines: “Gwenyth Paltrow”, “Fairs, fair douchebag”, “I’m glad we could share that together”, “It’s a field not the Death Star”, “Check out Sarah Palin”, “I’ll ask for that in the non porno version”, “I’m actually awesome”.

Rating Episode 10: 5/5
Rating Episode 11: 2/5
Reporter: Steven Stone

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