TV REVIEW: Supernatural S7, Ep 14 & 15 – ‘Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie’ & ‘Repo Man’

The boys are back for another double-header.  This week, killer clowns and demons from the past as the Winchesters continue to mourn Bobby and look for a way to take on Dick…

Episode 14: Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie

We open with Sam running for his life pursued by…a clown.  However this isn’t fun time at the circus as Sam and the clown engage in a brutal fight, joined by another deadly clown, Sam may have met his end…and cue the titles with the black goo mixed with rainbow and glitter….

Dean receives a call from Frank but with no action on the Leviathan front the boys have to make do with a standard case – strange deaths in a small town.  They quickly find the common link – a children’s restaurant/play centre.  The case brings back memories for Sam who was left in such places once Dean discovered girls.  Not only this but Sam, as we all remember, has a fear of clowns.

The boys work the case while the casualties build up.  The victims appear to ignoring their children and the pictures on the wall of Plucky’s seem to depict the methods of their parents death. After investigation/interrogation by Sam it is eventually revealed that cause is one of the workers, disturbed at being turned over for promotion he’s using black magic to gain his revenge.  Dean brings his game to end by using the magic against him to conjure the man’s dead brother who drowns him. The boys drive away – Dean saying sorry for leaving Sam when he was younger and Sam still not quite over his fear of clowns.

This one of the comedy episodes although contained the usual gory deaths, serious investigation and brotherly issues.  There was a curious use of a timed clock for all over a couple of scenes which served no purpose other than to be a possible callback to the episode “Ghost Fever”, but it doesn’t really work.  The unicorn with the rainbows out of its arse was a highlight. The death in the ball pool is a definite internet meme reference.  Jared did an excellent job trying to be the bad cop interrogating the employee’s and while the final explanation of what was going on was a bit laboured, it was a good episode.

Best Lines: “I am the Eggman”, “You got anything on Wonder Woman?”, “I’m getting the clap just touching this thing”. “So we got dick on dick?”, “So what are we looking for? Octovamp? Vamptopus?”, “I’m sorry, you look like you got attacked by some PCP-crazed strippers”, “Can you get to her without tripping the Amber Alert?”

Episode 15: Repo Man 

We open back during either season 3 or 4 where Sam and Dean are torturing a demon to find the location of Lillith.  They gain the information they need and exercise the demon although his victim Jeffrey is left in a damaged state.  Dean drops him at the hospital warning him to say it was a mugging.  The boys move on.

Back in the present and the boys discover that back in the same town they left all those years ago, is a series of murders that match the MO of the demon they stopped before.  They trace Jeffrey – now a recovering alcoholic.  Life went downhill after the boys left but despite Jeffrey just getting back on track, he offers to help.

Sam is suffering.  Lucifer is back and torturing him with horrific visions and bad jokes however when Dean disappears he takes Lucifer’s advice on tracking Dean down.  Dean is tricked and captured by Jeffrey.  It turns out Jeffrey was always a bad guy but lacked the push to act out his fantasies, the demon allowed him to do what he wanted to do and now Jeffrey wants the demon back to carry on his old ways.  He needs Dean’s blood to summon the demon – who is trapped in the deep recesses of hell.  Jeffrey succeeds but the demon doesn’t want Jeffrey – the demon talent spots, unlocks the “potential” and moves on.

Dean kills Jeffrey and the demon is exorcised from his latest victim.  Sam and Dean get back to their motel to rest but Sam faces Lucifer, no longer leaving when Sam does his hand trick, it looks like Lucifer is here to stay…

This was a solid episode and highlights the brutal nature of Sam and Dean’s life.  They have to torture people and while they save the day the victims are left behind to piece their lives together and while in this case Jeffrey was evil all along, it does make you think about all the cases – what happens to those left?

It wa great having Lucifer back, adding some real wicked humour into the show but also more disturbing imagery (the scene in the library is worthy of any horror movie).  He is definitely a highlight of this series so far.  There was also a dog killing in this episode – completely unnecessary I have to say.

The performances were top-notch but this episode was definitely not for the faint of heart.

Best Lines:  “He said “shut up” to me”, “That’s what I’m talking about, Sam! Real interaction again, I miss that! The rapier wit – the wittier rape – come on, I’ll be good, I’ll even help you solve your little Nancy Drew mystery or whatever.”,  “I don’t usually endorse suicide, but, man, what stopped you?”

Rating (Ep 14): 3/5
Rating (Ep 15): 4/5
Steven Stone

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