TV REVIEW: Supernatural Season 7, Episode 1 – Meet the New Boss

Supernatural was finally back on UK screens tonight and it delivered in spades. Fans will remember the shocking conclusion to Season 6 with the beloved but “gone dark side” Castiel, absorbing the souls of Purgatory, killing Raphael and declaring himself the new God.

We begin right where we left off with Bobby – the first to get to his knees to praise the new God.  This doesn’t last as Cas sees through their fear and we get some brilliant lines as Cas goes old school Bible as the new deity in town.  Cas disappears and goes straight on a streak of “justice”, slaughtering everyone from angels to hypocritical religious leaders (swipe at the Westborough Baptists), the KKK and more humorously, the “New Age Movement”.  However our self-declared God is not invulnerable, he tracks down a dishevelled Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and rather than kill him, keeps him on as the King of Hell to keep a threat for his enemies and even more revealing – Michael in his cage.

Not only do the boys and Bobby have to sit back helplessly, but Sam has to deal with the wall in his head breaking down, which is also as a result of Cas.  Dean finally comes up with a plan of binding Death (a fantastic Julian Richings) to take out Cas. The relationship between Dean and Cas (a source of much slash fiction) has truly broken down as Dean commands Death to “Kill’em now!”  The look on Cas face as Dean utters those words is an absolute picture of emotion while not visibly emoting at all (watch to see what I mean)  Sam shows more faith however by believing Cas has not gone completely and can be saved, however is this due to Sam’s own experience with “going dark side”.

The dialogue between Death and Cas is classic and there is a mix of humour and true wonder of what was going to happen next.  If that wasn’t enough we also have Lucifer (the wickedly good Mark Pellegrino) showing up after Sam’s hallucinations take a Hellraiser turn.  It seems they may not be hallucinations but that Sam is in the cage still and the whole thing is one tortuous game by Lucifer.  We finally end on Cas about to fall apart as the souls are returned to Purgatory – with the exception of the beasts known as Leviathan – who take over Cas.

I have to say a special mention must go to Misha Collins who takes the character of Cas to new levels.  I do not know if any other actor who has taken one character and played them in so many different ways.  The man is a talent and it speaks volumes that he debuted in Season 4 and has became an equal fan favourite with the two leads.

This is a great return to form by Supernatural and sets up some exciting premises for the upcoming season.  Cas, Death and Crowley are all stand outs while the boys and Bobby don’t put a foot wrong.  Now, I have seen the season previously so I know what happens and we will see how the rest stands up compared to this episode. However, I can guarantee you are in for some laughs, horror and a season long arc with some incredible cliffhangers.

Best lines: “Trench coat on a tortilla”, “God guns”, “he was young, sexy…he wore a rain coat”, “Death is out bitch” and of course, classic Crowley – “Bollocks”

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Steven Stone

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