TV REVIEW: Supernatural Season 7 – Episode 6 “Slash Fiction” & Episode 7 “The Mentalists”

It’s back to back episodes this week with the Winchester brothers and we start with “Slash Fiction” followed by “The Mentalists”.

We start a normal with the brothers in a  bank and Dean charming the attractive teller but it soon turns as the boys rob the bank and brutally execute the people inside.  This isn’t the denim clad wonders however but Leviathan who have manage to copy them and proceed to set the brothers up by carrying out callous executions and crimes all on camera to make sure the real brothers become the most wanted.

Episode 6 “Slash Fiction”

Meanwhile Bobby tries to find a way to kill/hurt the captured Leviathan who proves resistant to all forms of attack.  He does however reveal that the Leviathans managed to trace all the brothers details using technology and information gleaned from Cas while they was inside him and managed to copy the boys by finding hair in a motel shower.

The boys are at a loss as to what to do besides go for blood.  Bobby directs them to a man who owes him a  favour – Frank Devereaux (played by Kevin R. McNally), a paranoid conspiracy theorists that is up on all things tech.  He delivers the devastating news that if the boys want to stay in the game they have to change all their usual tactics – no more rock star aliases, no credit cards, changing phones, avoiding cameras and most shockingly the Impala is a no-no as the copies have one of their own.

While the brothers go for Leviathan, Bobby entertains Sheriff Mills who shows up with beer.  While cleaning the Sheriff manages to spill some cleaning products through the floor and onto the Leviathan, it seems to act like an acid and combined with Bobby discovering that beheading and separating the head from the body after the beheading stops the Leviathan – we now have a way to stop them.

The boys find their doubles but are captured by the police.  The Leviathan strike at the incarcerated boys but with the information from Bobby and the help of the local sheriff – are stopped but not before Dean Leviathan tells Sam abotu Dean killing Amy.  The boys get away with the sheriff covering up and making out they are dead to the FBI, hwoever we see at the end that one of the FBI men we have seen through the episode was a Leviathan.  We then see the Leviathan boss – Dick Roman (played by James Patrick Stewart) who now knows the boys are still alive.  He is met by Crowley who offers to assist him in his cause but Dick rebuffs Crowley’s offer and even threatens to wipe demons from the face of the earth.

We end with brothers and Sam confronting Dean over Amy and walking away. Dean is alone.

This was a really good episode, dealing with the Leviathan again and getting some answers as to what they can do and what stops them.  The Leviathan Dean and Sam are entertaining if wicked, Jensen and Jared must have had a ball playing a version of the characters we love.  They also do a funny bit trashing the real Sam and Dean.

Bobby is on solid form as usual and it looks like they may be introducing a romantic element with Sheriff Mills but I have a feeling it won’t go all the way but we will see. Dean is particular hilarious singing along to the sad song on the radio as he laments not being in his “baby”.

Once again the shadow of Amy hangs over the events here but with the exception of the pre-credits catch up we are spared yet another flashback to Dean killing Amy, a welcome fact I think.

A really good episode for the arc of the series although I would’ve liked to have seen more evil Sam and Dean as well as Crowley

Best lines: “Mensa Monster”, “that or Batmobile”, “No one puts baby in the corner”, “Swayze gets a pass”, Are you even working Richard Gere”


Episode 7 “The Mentalists”

The next episode is “The Mentalists”.  We open with a séance where the obviously fake psychic is brutally killed by a spirit.  We move to Dean, now on his own who hears the story of “the most psychic town on the planet”  suffering a series of deaths. Dean arrives in the town to run into Sam who is also working the case. After Dean acts like nothing is wrong before addressing last episodes events the brothers eventually agree to work together.

Through their investigations including the granddaughter of the séance victim who acts as a psychic but admits to be being a fake but using skills to read body language rather than actual powers.

The victims increase and the brothers discover that the victims are having visions of their death.  It seems a spirit is responsible and the boys set out to burn her bones and succeed but the victims continue.  It seems the spirit giving the visions was not the one killing but trying to warn the unfortunate psychics. The actual culprit his her also dead sister.  The boys realise the next target is the granddaughter and protect her while trying to trace the person responsible for holding the bones of the murderous spirit and setting her loose.

The boys manage to stop the necromancer and the spirit before having a 1 to 1 at the end where Sam understands why Dean did what he did and joins his brother again.

This episode is a really good stand alone. No Leviathan references or link to the ongoing story with the exception of one of the town people recognising the brothers from the crime spree that happened last episode.  There is some really funny stuff here with all the psychics.  Dean also receives a message via a psychic from Ellan who warns him that unless he says how bad it is “she will kick his ass from beyond”.  Sam also has a great moment where he busts in on a Lamaze class.

Dean give him valid reason for his actions in killing Amy, explaining that it wa necessary as Sam couldn’t do it and it’s “family dirty work”.  He states that he would’ve told Sam what he did once he knew Sam was fully sane again. It makes far more sense then the black and white view of Dean presented earlier in the series.

This was classic Supernatural and an episode I think all the fans will welcome.

Best lines: “You’re a virile man of the divine”, I’m Russian, we can spot the law”, “He broke my spoon”, “Quit being a bitch”, I feel naked doing this in daylight”
Rating (Ep 7): 5/5

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