TV REVIEW: Supernatural Season 8 Episode 23 Finale

supernatural cast photoIt’s here! The finale to Supernatural season 8 or it was…unfortunately I am so into the show I seem to be empathising with Sam’s plight of shutting the Gates of Hell and managed to take on all his symptoms.  Now recovered (or have I?) I can finally do a review. So here it is….

Episode 23: Sacrifice

After 22 episode’s it’s here again, the familiar music of Kansas as we see the boys punch, slash, shoot, behead, fight, drive and eyebrow raise their way through season 8 and what a journey.  The return of Dean from Purgatory and his bromance with Benny the Southern Vampire, Sam finding domestic bliss and losing it, Cas and his beard, the Men of Letters revealed, the mysterious Naomi and Crowley wickeding his way all the while.

This episode truly cements the return to form of Supernatural, after a cracking season we get a truly masterpiece of a finale.  From Crowley coldly continuing his plan of slaughtering every person the brothers saved, through to the brother’s bait and switch on Crowley making him their prisoner for the final trial.  This leading to one of the shows most memorable moments in its 8 year run – Crowley, broken down, emotional, vulnerable – nearly human as he admits to Sam he wants to be loved and has no idea where to begin for forgiveness.  Mark Sheppard truly at the peak of his acting powers as he brings yet another side to Crowley and more emotion in the history of the show to the word “Sam”.  We also get the return of Abaddon and she seems pissed that Crowley is King of Hell and while Sam manages to defeat her – she’ll be back.


Not only do we get Crowley and Sam but another shocker in the tail of Castiel and Metatron.  Cas continues on the Angel Trials with Dean’s help once Naomi kidnaps Metatron.  Cas succeeds but in one huge humdinger of a twist – Naomi reveals the truth that Sam will die if he completes his trials and Metatron is out for revenge.  Cas ignores Naomi’s warning but a with all of Cas’s good intentions, it goes wrong.  Metatron is out for revenge and the trials are really a spell that Metatron succeeds in – Cas is human (grace removed) and the angels, all of them – are cast out of heaven.

Dean manages to convince Sam not to continue the trial – revealing he puts Sam above all, while Sam reveals his biggest sins are letting Dean down and wants to die (a change from earlier in the season).  As Sam lays dying by the Impala, the sky lights up (as does the Men of Letters base) as thousands of angels fall to earth…

This is truly and episode to remember with every actor giving their all.  Shocking twists and turns along with the most stunningly shocking endings to a season of any show I have ever seen.  There is a reason why there is Season 9 of Supernatural starting in October and this season is it.

Best lines: THE WHOLE SHOW


Reporter: Steven Stone

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