TV REVIEW: Supernatural, Season 8 Episodes 13 & 14: ‘Everybody Hates Hitler’ & ‘Trial and Error’

Supernatural_Generic-08-01_AdWinchester time! And we have man mountains, hellish dogs and the way to shut the gates of Hell is revealed!!

Episode 13: Everybody Hates Hitler

We open in WWII Belarus as group of Nazi’s are being slaughtered by seemingly unstoppable mountain of a man.  The Nazi Leader does some hoo doo and escapes.

Back in the present day, Sam and Dean take the key given to them by their grandfather Henry, to gain access to the Men of Letters nerve center.  The base is huge, with equipment, power, maps, multiple rooms, a library and living quarters.  The boys have finally gained a break.  Digging through the Men of Letters files, Sam comes across another group that was connected to the Men of Letters, that fought to stop the Nazi’s gaining power in the supernatural world.  The files link to the spontaneous combustion of an old Jewish rabbi (which we see).  Through their investigation into the case that get taken out by the man mountain we saw in the opening.  He’s a Golem – a totem made of clay that fights on behalf of the Jewish rabbi who has control of him.  The Golem belongs to the grandson of the old man who died.  The group team up to stop the Nazi’s – still alive due them being Necromancers and while a close call, the boys manage to kill the Nazis.  The episode ends with the boys back at the Men of Letters base – it is now their home.

This was a very cool episode and it’s always good to see Nazi Necromancers and a Golem.  The action is decent and while the resolution is pretty swift, the episode itself is fun and well done.  The real story of the episode is the Men of Letters base and how it affects the boys.  Dean is genuinely excited to have his own room, which he decks out exactly how he likes it and we see the photo of his mother which is touching.  Meanwhile for Sam we see how Sam can be “in the life” while still maintaining his academic sensibilities.

Episode 14: Trial and Error

Back to the season arc and we see the daily life of Kevin – late nights, early rises, pain killers, bad food, translation and repeat.  However it seems to be worth it has Kevin finally has a break through – and promptly collapses.

After reaching out to the boys they rush to his side and Kevin reveals that to shut the gates of Hell they have to recite a spell – after completing 3 Herculean tasks.  The first task (and the only one revealed) is to kill a Hell Hound and bathe in its blood.  No small feat considering a Hell Hound ended Dean back in Season 3.  The boys track down a likely case of demon dealing – a family who suddenly became rich from oil (where no oil was) 10 years ago.  After integrating themselves as farm hands and watching the  rising body count they discover that Crowley had been there making multiple deals with the occupants including the Sam and Dean’s temporary boss.  The boys round up the family and go after the Hell Hound – Dean nominates himself, stating he see’s no way out of the life and die with a gun in his hand.  He wants Sam to live, grow old and have a family – that is Dean’s perfect life.  However Dean fails to take out the hound and is saved by Sam – who kills the beast and is covered in it’s blood.  The spell doesn’t work with Dean but sure enough the spell works with Sam, who experiences pain and a strange glowing in his arms.  In contrast to Dean’s view, Sam see’s a way out and will undertake the trials because he wants to live and this will motivate him to succeed.

It’s good to get some more answers and now we know the boys have to complete the trials to seal the gates of Hell, which will set them for the rest of the season.  The story itself is fair, no one really stands out apart from the usual performances of Jensen and Jared.  What is good about this episode is the look we get into the brothers views of their life and the path their on.  Dean with his dark view of his inevitable death in battle and Sam’s will to live.  It’s certainly something I am sure the rest of the season will explore in more detail and this would be more then welcome.

Episode 13 Best Lines: “I think we found a Bat-Cave”, “hacking out his Da Vinci code”, “he was my gay thing”, “everybody likes bacon!”, “we’re renting here!”, “I kind of…smoked it”, “Nazi necromancer dicks”

Episode 14 Best Lines: “Memory foam…it remembers me!”, “I’m nesting”, “You had me at weird”, “Don’t OD”

Episode 13 rating: 4/5

Episode 14 rating: 3.5/5

Reporter: Steven Stone

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