TV REVIEW: Supernatural Season 8 Review Episode 21 & 22: The Great Escapist & Clip Show

Sam-Castiel-Dean-supernatural-16744455-1280-800We race towards the finale and its season arc all the way as Kevin, Crowley, Naomi and Cas return as well as a new player in town, the mysterious Metatron…

Episode 21: The Great Escapist

Kevin is back in the boat and it seems like there may be a lucky break as Sam & Dean come bearing the other half of the demon tablet. However as the boys depart for a food one, all is revealed – Kevin is trapped in an illusion directed by Crowley! Meanwhile Cas is moving around identical “Bigerson’s” restaurants in order to avoid Naomi’s hit angels. Naomi runs out of patience and orders a slaughter at one of the restaurants, forcing Cas to stop his running.

The boys receive a video message from Kevin with all his notes and translations. Sam manages to find a common symbol in the material that triggers what he learned back in Stanford. The symbol is that of Metatron, the scribe of God, who may be hiding out with Native Americans. As the boys race to find Metatron, Cas is saved by Crowley and his new angel gun. Crowley has an angel insider to help him as he deduces that the angel tablet is inside Cas and pulls it out of him. The boys find Metatron just as Sam seems to get worse. Kevin figure out Crowley’s ruse and looks set to meet his end. However the boys convince Metatron to join their fight and he saves Kevin. The 3rd trial is revealed by Kevin and Metatron – to cure a demon. As the boys drive to the Men of Letters base, they come across a badly wounded Cas.

As we race towards the finale we are firmly on the road to answers and resolutions. Once again Supernatural knocks this episode out of the park. Sam is looking like death warmed up and his fever like antics raise a good laugh. Once again the violence is pretty brutal with the restaurant slaughter and a hint to the true nature of angelic life is given with Naomi gleefully informing Cas of the slaughter of first borns and her own hand in erasing his memory. We get a new character in Metatron, a small, story obsessed middle aged man that doesn’t even know who the Winchesters are or what’s happened over the years. Once again Mark Sheppard shines as the wicked Crowley – a villain you actually don’t want to lose because he’s that damn charming.

Episode 22: Clip Show

We have a blast from the past as Tommy, a survivor of the Wendigo from Season 1, is in a nice cabin in the woods. He’s on edge, naturally and hears something in the woods. He gets ready to smoke the Wendigo but dies brutally in front of his new girlfriend with no Wendigo in sight…

The boys are back in their new home and Cas is with them, still suffering. Dean is giving him the silent treatment before stating he isn’t forgiving him for his actions this time. The brothers are going through the Men of Letter’s demon possession records. They find a file that has a mark stating “weird” and go investigating. They find a room set up with a devils trap’s and enchanted chains as well as an old film. The film depicts a priest performing a new kind of exorcism, which ultimately fails but provides a clue to the third trial.

After Dean rejects a offer for help from Cas the boys investigate the film and find another priest that was involved. It seems that with this new exorcism, a demon could be “cured” and restored to humanity. Meanwhile Metraton approaches Cas stating that Heaven is in “chaos” and needs to be “shut down” so order can be restored by himself and Cas. To do this Cas must undertake trails himself from the Angel tablet. Cas agrees and completes the first trial of cutting out the heart of a Nephilim. After finding out the method of curing a demon, Dean suggests they reconstitute Abaddon and try it on her. Abaddon reveals she knows all about the exorcism and killed the priest from the film; taking the body of his assistant and using it destroy the Men of Letters. Abaddon escapes and the boys receive a call from Crowley telling them they should “read the papers”. He sends them to an address and they find another dead survivor of one of their previous cases. Crowley reveals he is using the Supernatural books to target and kill everyone they ever saved. He challenges them to get to Sarah (season 1 – Bloody Mary) and save her. The boys arrive in time, set up and are ready to defend Sarah when she chokes to death. Crowley used a Hex bag hidden in the phone Dean was using. Crowley knows of the full trial plan and will send no demons anywhere near them meaning they cannot complete the 3rd trial, and unless they give up or he will continue his mission of killing all their past saves. Sam believes they won’t succeed, Dean says they will.

While the title of the episode is “Clip Show”, it is anything but. While we do see a few shots of past seasons there is plenty of fresh episode to get into. The reveal of the 3rd trail is fascinating and while Cas isn’t helping the boys, he has a new mission to bring to his conflicting emotions. The boys are really up against it and by the end of the episode they are probably as wrung out as we have ever seen them – a remarkable achievement considering they have dealt with monsters that infiltrated the country and the Devil himself.

Once again I have to say that Mark Sheppard is outstanding. We have seen plenty of humour with Crowley, which we expect and flashes of the nastiness he is capable of but here we see it full force. His diabolical plan and complete manipulation of Sam and Dean proves he is a “Big Bad” that can stand with their past foes of Yellow Eyed Demon, Lilith, Lucifer and the Leviathans.

Season 8 has been truly exceptional and while packed with plenty of things going on – Dean from Purgatory, Sam living normal life, Benny, Cas – his return and new mission, Men of Letters, the trials to close the gates of Hell, Naomi and her manipulations, Crowley and his wicked plans, Metatron – it hasn’t felt rushed or overwrought with subplots. It just flows with humour, horror, mystery and excitement. Truly proving why Supernatural is loved, in its 8th season and more to come…

Episode 21 Best Lines: “I was born to direct”, “I wouldn’t let you start a moped”, “you learned it from the goats”, “Bite me”, “You would’ve made a great Dean, sir”, “This is the King”, “You little prat”, “We’re the friggin Winchesters!”.

Episode 22: Best Lines: “I’ve had that hangover…jager man”, “Demon on a leash…cool”, “Hey! I have money”, “I need pie!”, “Put the virgin down Castiel”, “No it’s actually quite warm”, “it worked, you owe me a beer”, “What are you wearing?”, “666”, “Son of a witch”, “Saving people, hunting things, family business…”


Reporter: Steven Stone

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