TV REVIEW: The Almighty Johnsons Season 1 Episode 3 – God’s Gift to Zebras

Axl’s quest to find Frigg takes a wrong turn when he meets a girl who openly claims to be her. Ty (Jared Turner) meets a woman who makes him feel warm inside – which is saying something seeing as he is the Norse god Höðr, who radiates cold and is not affected by temperatures below freezing.

Elsewhere, the goddesses mobilise and we finally learn what they hope to achieve.

When something you have been looking for just falls into your lap, it often seems to good to be true. In Axl’s case, it is definitely too good to be true. It was just too convenient that one of the first women he speaks to claims to be the woman he was looking for. As the episode went on, it became clear – to almost everyone by Axl – that this woman was not actually a goddess, but a girl who was taking a role playing game a little bit too far. It would have meant for a very short season of the show anyway.

Ty finds Helen – a woman who he cannot resist – and it is only when they sleep together that she confesses that she is the incarnation of Eden. This causes problems when Olaf reveals to Ty that Eden’s true love is no other than Anders’s alter ego Bragi, so to save himself, Ty ends the relationship. Poor old Ty. He is coming off as the gentlest and sweetest of a very dysfunctional family, it is a shame to see his quest for love fail so miserably.

The goddesses are spying on Axl, to try and stop him from finding Frigg – his soul mate. The goddesses are after her for their own ends, and while they do not want Axl to succeed in his quest to be Odin, they do not want to kill him, as it first seemed. Instead, the goddesses want life to remain as it is; they are enjoying their mortal lives and limited powers. Well, we all know what happens when a character is afraid of change, don’t we?

A good episode of the show, but we have not had an outstanding one so far. The Almighty Johnsons seems to have settled into a pace for each episode, and is sticking with it. There seems very little risk in the show now that we know these goddesses are not the murdering type, and with every episode of the show it appears to be becoming clearer that Gaia is the woman that Axl is looking for. We have seen what the show can do by now, so we need it to ramp up the action and ramp up the tension in order to keep the audience interested. At the moment, the show feels like a small story being told in a small town, not an epic tale involving the gods, which could affect all of mankind. It is true that the show has a lot of heart, but now we need the main story arc to match the importance of the quest that the gods are on.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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