TV REVIEW: The Almighty Johnsons Season 1 Episode 5 – This is Not Washing Powder, My Friend

Gaia’s dad is coming to visit and take her back home, now that her nursing studies have finished. Axl finds a huge amount of cocaine in his car that the police come looking for and we learn more about the goddesses.

All of the stories are tied together this week; the goddesses plant a large quantity of cocaine in Axl’s car and then send the police after him. Their plan is that Axl will be taken to prison and will not be able to look for Frigg, therefore leaving their lives in peace. The problem is that there are any amount of things that can go wrong with this plan, and most of them do.

Gaia’s dad is a dope-smoking hippie, so he is arrested, meaning Gaia is more than a little annoyed at our hero, Axl’s housemate disappears with the drugs and Anders intervenes and blackmails the goddess Michelle into getting Axl off the hook. Not a simple situation, but everything in The Almighty Johnsons seems to get ridiculously complicated, maybe because gods and goddesses are interfering in mortal affairs, or maybe because these being do not seem to think everything through. Whatever the case, it leads to some entertaining viewing.

The best development this week is the fact that Axl finally seems to be aware of the feelings he has for his housemate Gaia. He begs her not to leave and go home with her father, and comes very close to telling her that he loves her, he may not be aware of this himself yet though. This lends weight to the theory that Gaia is Frigg and Axl is going on a wild goose chase around the country. It would be nice to see Gaia and Axl end up together; she seems well able for his immature ways, and he is rather sweet, underneath it all.

This week’s episode of The Almighty Johnsons could be a stand-alone episode as, once again, this story has little to do with the quest that the gods find themselves on. It is entertaining, however, to watch the characters scrabble around to make things right – Axl makes some spectacularly stupid decisions, but does the first god-like thing we have seen; he finally weilds the sword of Odin. As well as this, we get one step closer to finding out whether Gaia is Frigg, or whether this character is a massive red herring designed to throw us off the scent.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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