TV REVIEW: The Almighty Johnsons Season 1 Episode 7 – Bad Things Happen

Val finds out that Mike has been paying for his clients to live in an apartment while he fixes their roof. She is furious because the family have barely any money as it is. To make up for his mistake, and to make some money back, Mike goes to a casino and uses his power as god of games to win some serious money. Meanwhile, Axl learns that Gaia has a boyfriend and decides to get very, very drunk. Somehow, he can’t, so when scorned women arrive with minds full of revenge against Anders, it is up to him to save his brother.

All season long, Mike has been saying that when gods become involved in the affairs of humans, bad things happen. This episode we see just what kind of bad things these are. Mike wins a lot of money at the casino, but his actions lead to the blackjack dealer getting fired. They spend the evening drinking together – and Mike proves that he is good at all games – before Mike gets the news that Rob, who has been in a coma for 15 years, has finally woken up.

This is an interesting turn of events. Val was Rob’s fiancée when he lapsed into a coma, then turned her affections to Mike. Now that Val’s relationship with Mike is strained – because of the IVF treatment – and Rob has woken up again, it will be interesting to see where Val’s loyalties lie. Poor old Mike can’t seem to do right for doing wrong, however. He decides to use his godly powers and manages to get himself into a lot of trouble, and a woman fired from her job. Poor old Mike.

Elsewhere, Axl decides to go on a bender when he realises that he may have missed his chance with Gaia. When he and Zeb run out of beer they go to Anders’s house and encounter three vengeful women. Anders has interfered with their lives and bad things have happened to them because of it, now they believe it is their turn to get some revenge. Zeb passes out and Axl uses his god powers to save Anders, and ban him from sex for the foreseeable future.

Typical male, while he has been off sleeping with every woman he can, Axl expects Gaia to sit at home and wait for him to come back to her. This is what drives him to drink and drugs for the evening, but he ends up saving his brother’s genitals in the process. Good for you Axl! The problem is that Zeb was not passed out, as Axl thought, and now knows his housemate’s secret…

This was another fun episode of The Almighty Johnsons. We had a nice mix of pacing between Mike’s slow and methodical descent into inebriation and Axl’s inability to get drunk, while those around him fall into stupor. Axl gets to flex his bit more, and we learn more about why Mike is so cautious when it comes to getting involved with mortals. The Almighty Johnsons is a slow burning show, but with each episode we learn more about the characters and learn to love them a little more. Their quest might be a big one, but it is the small triumphs that the audience can relate to. This is a great foundation, however, because when the final showdown happens – and it is bound to happen – the large, other worldly triumph will be something we can understand through characters we have come to care about.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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