TV REVIEW: The Almighty Johnsons Season 1 Episode 8 – I Can Give You Frigg

Rather than Axl going through the population of New Zealand in search of his bride, Anders decides to take action and puts a piece in a local paper. The article tells of a (non-existent) treasure chest that, Anders hopes, will bring the descendants of those who came to New Zealand from Scandinavia out of the woodwork.

As Axl continues his search, love seems to be blooming all around; Rob and Val are getting closer and closer, Val even goes so far as to cancel her IVF plans to allow Rob to move in with her and Mike. Olaf and the goddess Ingrid are getting closer as well, and after they go out of dinner one evening, Olaf accidentally burns a pile of research in the goddesses’ office, leading them one step closer to Frigg. As well as this, another goddess/god alliance is formed between Michelle and Anders. In return for being equally as powerful as he in their new world order, Michelle tells Anders where he can meet Eva – the goddess they discovered in a butchers and whom they believe to be Frigg. A blood pact is sure to come back and bite these lovelorn gods in the future, but their shortsightedness is part of the reason that these deities are so entertaining to watch.

With only a few episodes left in this season of The Almighty Johnsons, all is quickly coming to an end. It seems that the search parties have found the goddess they were looking for and the overwhelming emotion felt by each deity as they encounter Eva leads them to believe that they are on the right path.

Meanwhile, the dissent in the goddess camp is coming to a head. It was always going to happen; Agnetha treats all the women around her with contempt, and it is surprising that it has taken them this long to break away from her controlling ways. It is only after she refuses to listen to those who have already met Eva – and tries to bribe her – that the women have enough of the Gorgon leading their faction and break away from her. The problem is that this could leave Agnetha free to make some even more dangerous alliances.

From the start of the season Mike and Val’s relationship has appeared to be heading towards the end. Not only is Val unable to get pregnant, but Mike is holding his true nature back from her, which is bound to lead to tension. The arrival of Rob back from the dead could give Mike a very neat way to get out of this dead end relationship. Val could go back to the man that she lost and Mike is free to explore his full potential as a god. Of course, this is all speculation, and the problem is, Mike seems like the kind of man who would fight for the woman he loves.

With this latest episode, it seems as though The Almighty Johnsons is coming crashing to a close. We had a nice fast start to the season, a lull in the middle – which allowed for the audience to get to know the characters a little better – but now the action and pace are going to be ramped up to give the audience the finale we are hoping for. Whatever happens in the next two episodes of the show, it is a pretty safe bet that The Almighty Johnsons will keep us guessing until the last minute.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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