TV REVIEW: The Almighty Johnsons Season 1 Episode 9 – Hunting a Reindeer on Slippery Rocks

Axl and Eva go on a date, but Axl quickly learns that the woman he has searched so desperately for has issues of her own. Ty and Dawn grow ever closer, but he struggles with the fact that he cannot tell her why he radiates cold. The gods sign a marriage agreement which could spell disaster if it is not followed to the letter.

Eva, like so many angst ridden teens, has issues with her controlling father, Colin, and has not spoken to him for some time. It seems that she is accepting of her fate, however, but tells Axl they must be married before anything else can happen between them. It is an interesting turn of affairs that such a rebellious teen would turn out to be such a traditionalist underneath it all. Axl gets Colin involved in the whole situation during a misguided attempt to ask Colin to go easy on his daughter. During the face off between the two gods, Axl discovers that his father in law to be is non other than the incarnation of the God of Mischief; Loki.

The relationship between Ty and Dawn is rather sweet, and has been from the start. This week, their interaction takes a turn for the silly as we see Ty wrapped up in a sleeping bag in order to hide his body temperature from Dawn. It’s quite something to see a sappy smile on Ty’s face as he snuggles down in a sleeping bag and woolly hat, and it seems a little extreme. Ty’s bizarre sleeping habits become clear, however, when Dawn falls asleep with her finger touching her boyfriend and wakes up an icicle. Ty rushes her to hospital, but it is obvious that this mishap is going to eat at his conscience.

Axl’s good intentions comes back to haunt him when Colin decides that he wants a marriage agreement signed between the Johnsons and his family. The families gather for a ceremony in the middle of the forest and Axl brings his friend Zeb along. Zeb accidentally found out about Axl’s true identity a few episodes ago, and insists on seeing some bona fide god action, which is fine, until Mike catches him. The agreement ceremony goes off without a hitch – unless you count cyclists hilariously cutting through the sacred circle – and the contract is sealed. The problem is that the Johnsons relied on Agnetha to translate the Runes for them, and it seems she is holding something back from the family of gods.

This season of The Almighty Johnsons is coming to a close, and instead of things getting simpler – as everyone hoped they would – it seems that things are getting ever more complicated. Zeb gets hurt for Axl’s mistake and the gods have agreed to a contract that they couldn’t fully understand. We have one more episode of The Almighty Johnsons to wrap the season up, and it seems as though the show is ramping up to give us a great finale.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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