TV REVIEW: The Almighty Johnsons Season 2 Episode 1 – And She Will Come To You

Axl gets frustrated with his brothers’ lack of interest in his quest, Ty begins to have misgivings about his relationship with Eva, Agnetha reveals herself as the boys’ long lost mother and Axl encounters the wisest god for them all…

Since last we saw the Almighty Johnsons, Mike has moved in with Axl and Zeb following the collapse of his relationship, and has been living the high life as a single man. Anders has been sent to Norway by Agnetha, who has taken over Anders’ company and seems to be trying to drive a wedge between Eva and Ty… This week, Axl gets incredibly annoyed at the fact that his quest to find Frigg has run out of steam. Of course, his brothers must do what he asks, so it is not long before the quest is on again, and of again, and on again…

In revealing herself as their mother, Agnetha draws a lot of rage from her sons, and when she tries to convince them to give up Axl’s quest and live as gods on the money she has earned, she is not met with open arms. Ty falls apart when he is given a gift from Dawn, and although he and Eva seem to have a great sex life, it also seems that this is pretty much all they have together. Finally, Axl meets Kvasir – the wisest of all gods – in a bar, and is told that to become a god, he must become a man first and Frigg will come to him.

So it seems that Agnetha is up to no good again, and, from some interesting placement of objects in the episode, it seems that Anders has gone to Norway to search for Yggdrasil; the tree of life. What this means for the rest of his family is unclear, but if he has been sent by their mother, it can’t be good news.

It’s great to see The Almighty Johnsons back on-screen again, and remember what it is about the show that we liked the first time around. The blending of mythology and modern-day is just silly enough and believable enough to work and Axl is, underneath all of his late teenage bravado, actually a very likeable character, and the audience finds themselves rooting for him.

This first episode of the new season was really just about establishing the season, but it was dne in a clever enough way that the audience never felt they were simply being fed information. That said, lets hope that the pace picks up from here on, and we are treated to a new season of The Almighty Johnsons that may just top the first.

Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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