TV REVIEW: The Almighty Johnsons Season 2 Episode 12 – You Call This The Real World?

Gaia and Axl realise that they should have packed some clothes before they ran away, Dawn unexpectedly loses her job and Ty finds a way to rid himself of his god powers.

There is something rather endearing about Axl and Gaia being on the run together, even if they did not think their great getaway through. They end up checking into a B&B and, although the place seems a little creepy when they get there – they soon realise that the owners truly love each other, and this is possibly what prompts Gaia to tell Axl that she loves him. We knew it! We knew these two were supposed to be together! It may be a day before Gaia’s 21st birthday – so her goddess powers have not kicked in yet – but surely this is proof that she is Frigg? Axl and Gaia living happily ever after, we can live with that!

Meanwhile, it is all change at Anders’s company. Dawn is not impressed that Helen has such a hold over the company, but in telling Anders, she gets herself fired. Natalie seems to have lost interest in her business deal with Anders, which doesn’t concern him quite as much as how clingy Helen has become.

As well as this, Olaf finds Kvasir hiding in a secret room of Mike’s bar and Kvasir confesses that he has been spying for Colin/Loki. This explains quite a number of things, but mainly, where all of Agnetha’s money went in those few hours when Mike lost his powers. The war between Loki and the Johnsons has started up again, it seems.

As well as this Kvasir tells Ty how he can die and be reborn without his god powers, so he can spend his life with Dawn. Michele, Ingrid, Olaf and Stacey help with the process, which involves drinking a tea made of the bark of Yggdrasil, but when Hod’s power leaves his body and it is time for him to be brought back, Michele uses Yggdrasil on Ty instead of a defibrillator, further cementing her position as head goddess, since she now has the power over death.

This episode of The Almighty Johnsons seems to be all about love; Gaia confesses her love for Axl, Anders fires Dawn out of his love for Helen and Ty risks his life to be with the woman he loves. Aww. Although this episode may be slightly slower paced than the ones that have gone before, this is a welcome pause in the show, as it allows viewers to catch up as to what is going on with everyone. With only one episode left in the season, it is clear that The Almighty Johnsons is ramping up to something, but what that is, we are not sure…

Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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