TV REVIEW: The Almighty Johnsons Season 2, Episode 13 – Does This Look Like Asgard?

The day of Gaia’s 21st birthday comes at last, but Natalie’s decisions before the ceremony change everything. Mike still wants to kill Colin/Loki, and Ty discovers that there are some unexpected side effects to removing his god powers.

At this stage, poor old Ty just needs a hug. He turns up at Dawn’s – all degodifed and warm – to tell her he loves her, but she has no idea who he is. It turns out that humans, on an unconscious level, recognise the gods for what they are, and when Ty removed his godliness the human brians could not deal with it, so they removed him entirely. Ooops. Poor Ty. This is probably going to lead to him spiralling in despair, but we also get the feeling that he will reclaim his godliness next season. We hope so anyway… Talk about doomed love!

Mike is enraged with Ty; he wants to get his revenge on Loki for spying on them, but he needs Hod to diffuse Loki’s fire power. Now that Ty is no longer Hod, Mike casts him out of the family and tells him to ‘get used to being alone’. Ty seriously has to have some major good luck coming his way…

Meanwhile, as the goddesses prepare Gaia for her goddess ceremony, Natalie turns up at Anders’s house, reveals that she knows Anders is a god, that she is a fundamentalist Christian who believes there to be only one true god, and promptly tried to kill Anders with a crossbow. Helen stands up for her man and manages to get herself killed – which may or may not solve Anders’s problems. Anders draws Natalie to where the ceremony is taking place, she chases Mike but is dispatched by Colin, who is only too delighted that Mike now owes him his life. This is not the only problem caused by Helen’s death, however. Idun is a constant goddess and must always be incarnated, and since Helen is dead, Idun moves to the top of the incarnation queue, meaning Gaia does not become Frigg or Papatunaku, but Idun and immediately declares her love for Anders.

Oh dear.

Just as we thought everything was going to work out fine for the Johnsons and their friends, fate intervenes. Ty is obviously heartbroken that his love no longer knows him, and although we do not see it, Axl is definitely going to be inconsolable that he has lost Frigg. They say that the gods are cruel, but it seems that fate is being cruel to the gods, as nothing is going their way in The Almighty Johnsons.

In all, this was a great season of the show. It may be still crass and slightly tacky, but The Almighty Johnsons is also silly, funny and endearing. It is hard not to root for these characters, as they are definitely ones that the audience can see themselves in. The decision not to spend the entire season running around looking for Frigg was to the shows benefit as we got to learn a little more about the gods on our screens, and they became more rounded and mature.

The show is not perfect, but The Almighty Johnsons is maturing and learning as it progresses, which can only mean that we are in for a strong season three… Bring it on.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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