TV REVIEW: The Almighty Johnsons, Season 2 Episode 2 – Frigg Magnet

Axl makes the mistake of going drinking with Colin and finds himself at the receiving end of Loki’s famous mischievous streak. Mike wins a bar from Colin, Eva and Ty brand one another with a hot iron and Gaia makes a sudden reappearance.

Well Axl sure knows how to get himself into trouble; Colin fakes a rape charge to get revenge for Axl laughing at him. Thankfully, Axl’s older brothers step in and take charge, and at the same time Mike wins a bar from their enemy. It may seem like this level of humiliation would be enough to calm Colin and his Loki ways down for a week or two, but regular watchers of the show will know that this is unlikely. Much like our beloved Loki from the Marvel universe, this Loki is almost unable to know when he is beaten.

It seems as though Ty and Eva are well on the way to destroying one another through their marriage. Many characters have commented that Ty looks unwell, and that his relationship with Eva is bordering on the unhealthy. Things take a turn for the worse this week as the pair brand one another with a hot iron. In any other situation, this may be slightly adorable… OK it would probably be better if it wasn’t a branding iron, but you get the idea, but since Eva is the goddess of the Underworld, it seems as though this turn to scarification is borne out of a self-destructive trait, and she is taking Ty down with her. We know, from season one, that Ty is actually rather sweet, so it would be a real shame to see him brought down through his relationship with Eva.

Plus, Dawn is still around! She is staying in Anders’s place while he is off on his mysterious quest, and it is after she and Ty talk – and hint towards their feelings for each other – that Eva decides to brand her man. Dawn and Ty were rather sweet together, and it would be great to see them get back together, but it is clear that Eva will never let him go now that she is married to him, so maybe Dawn is doomed to swing between unrequited love and despair. Poor Dawn.

Finally, Gaia turns up inside a wardrobe, which is sure to complicate things for Axl as he is surely still in love with her…

The pace of The Almighty Johnsons has kicked off since last week and, although the quest to find Frigg has slowed down, this is the exact right decision for the show. Focussing so much of last season on running around and looking for someone who may not exist yet left the show feeling scattered. This time out, the focus on the characters has already made the show stronger.

Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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