TV REVIEW: The Almighty Johnsons Season 2 Episode 4 – Death’s Cleansing Embrace

In the immediate aftermath of Eva’s death, someone comes clean about their involvement in the whole thing, and ropes Ty into covering up the murder. As well as this, Ty’s home turns into a mourning ground for Eva, Loki reveals his funeral wishes for his daughter and Ty and Dawn talk some more.

Of all the people who disliked Eva, it is rather surprising that Agnetha – mother of the Johnson boys – would be the one to kill her. She maintains that she did it out of love for Ty, but last season she was determined to do everything she could to thwart them, so why be on their side now? Agnetha enlists Ty in the faking of Eva’s suicide and then the two sit back and wait for the police to find her. Surely this is going to send Ty into a spiral? Now that Eva’s influence is no longer in his life, Ty is bound to revert back to the gentle soul that we know and love, but having this guilt on his conscience is not going to end well.

Meanwhile, in between trying to get the mourning ‘emo’s’ out of the house, Ty is confronted by Colin, who believes that he killed Eva and that, in mourning for her, Ty should throw himself onto her funeral pyre. Of course this does not happen – Ty has only just freed himself – but this does not mean that Colin will not use his power as Loki to make Ty’s life rather miserable in the future.

When Ty and Dawn finally do talk, it is more about Eva than anything else, and Dean quickly jumps to some conclusions of her own.

Remember last week when we said that Ty could not do right for doing wrong? Well the same seems to be true for this week. Not only has his wife been killed, but he has been brought into the cover up and suspected of murder. Dear me. Poor Ty. This episode of The Almighty Johnsons is interesting and quite a lot of fun, but it is becoming painfully obvious that Axl and his new quest to become Odin is no longer the focus of the show. While it is true that Ty is an interesting and rather tragic character, this new focus on him and his troubles means that the shoe has shifted slightly, and it is not immediately clear whether this is for the good or not. Yes, these have been good episodes, but it is time that The Almighty Johnsons turned back to the family unit and carried on their exploration of the Johnsons as a whole.

This was a good episode, but a little less murder and drama, and a little more questiness would be good please.

Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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