TV REVIEW: The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 15 – The Friendship Contraction

Leonard finally has enough of Sheldon’s eccentric ways and calls time on the ‘Roommate Agreement’. This leads to the pair being polite but distant with one another, until there is a power cut… Meanwhile, Raj tries to come up with a nickname for Howard before his journey into space.

Many of us have wondered when Leonard’s patience with Sheldon would finally run out. The ‘Roommate Agreement’ that Sheldon drew up appears to only benefit him, making Leonard out to be chauffeur, food taster and anything else Sheldon could require. So this week, when Leonard finally says ‘no more’ after being woken up for a fire drill at some ungodly hour, it feels like it is not before time. Of course, Leonard is the one who benefits most from the end of the agreement, and Sheldon eventually goes to drastic lengths to win his friend back.

It is quite amazing that this angle of the friendship has not been played on before now. Sure, we as an audience find Sheldon amusing, but that is mainly because we only see him for 22 minutes a week and do not have to out up with his whims. As ever with The Big Bang Theory, not a huge amount has changed by the end of the episode, but we do get to see the idea of a breach of friendship played with, and Sheldon – as ever – gets some great lines, including; “To amend the words of Toy Story; you have not got a friend in me”.

Raj and Howard’s attempt to win the nickname ‘Rocket Man’ were always going to fail, but it is interesting to see how they managed to trip themselves up this week. Not a lot going on with the girls – other than Penny being the one to tell Leonard to talk to Sheldon – but that’s OK. There have been some sprawling episodes of The Big Bang Theory this season and it is nice to see the show play on the macro for a change.

In all, a fairly quiet, but quite brilliant episode of The Big Bang Theory that answers some questions that the audience has had for a while.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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